….Until I Stop Kicking!!!

July 31, 2008 at 2:56 pm Leave a comment

These are the words found at the end of my instructions to my sister, to be used when I’m at the end of my rope (literally).

Having watched my mother’s dragging along for several months caught up in the end stages of Altzheimer’s, I wanted it known beyond a doubt exactly what I want to have happen to me in the event I ever end up in that or a similar situation, for any reason.

The complete quote?

“Bring me a constant flow of tasty alcoholic drinks, and keep giving them to me until I’m no longer able to keep my eyes open and I enter REM state (or perhaps I should say RUM state). Anyway, after a few minutes have gone by, take a large soft pillow and press it down tightly over my face and hold it there until I stop kicking. And then, keep the pressure on for at least five more minutes to be sure it’s done. Finally, wait for a few hours to go by before calling the paramedics and reporting that you just came over to visit and found that I’m not breathing.

Not much room for ex-post-facto after thoughts on this, as they say in those old shoe ads, “Just do it”.

Swoosh!, and I’ve left the planet…..

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