Oh, I thought you meant BatEman!

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BatEman is here as (sort of) props to the work of  Jason Bateman in “Hancock”, who also was in one of the funniest sitcoms I ever worked on when he was a kid, it was called “It’s Your Move”.  I can’t omit a brief mention his sister Justine Bateman, who probably was responsible for the sales of more boxes of Kleenex products to young men than anyone when the show “Family Ties” was on tv. I had the pleasure of working with her a few months ago on a new project from Illiana Douglas, we shot at an Ikea store in Burbank, and I was so glad to get a chance to see that she’s still very attractive, and as it turns out, she’s a very good actress with the chops needed when one is not just the next pretty young thing.

Anyway, it’s almost spellled the same as “Batman”, as in “The Dark Knight”, which leads to……

No spoilers here, it you for some reason haven’t seen it, this is safe to read. But, if you really haven’t seen the film yet, get up off your ass and deal with the lines, it’s a picture that really calls for the “Big Screen” viewing. And I’m not talking about a large screen LCD or any type screen that can be measured in inches.

I saw “The Dark Knight” earlier today, and it’s just possibly the best film I’ve seen in many many years. I didn’t work on it so this is not a hype statement, just a thank you for an excellent job from the cinematographer on down on the crew end, and actors that deserve the great reviews that they will get for this.

I’ve never seen Heath Ledger act in anything before (save the sermons please, it’s just something that happened) but now I understand all of the Oscar buzz about him, a young Jack Nicholson comes to mind. Same quality review for Aaron Eckhart, just an outstanding performance on his part (and killer special effects make up work as well).

I was a little shocked to see Michael Caine in what at first seemed to be a bit part, but he nuanced the living crap out of it, he’s a true Actor with a capital “A”, I’d pay to watch him read a phone book.

Christian Bale, as to be expected, was very good, matching his earlier work in the character. I was happy to see great work by Eric Roberts, who I had worked with on a piece of crap film a few months ago, that one P.O.C. that I got ripped off for two weeks pay and one weeks equipment rental, but that’s a story for another time….. and shouldn’t be taken as a reflection on Eric.

I’ll most likely add to this, but the whole thing is still sort of sinking in and being evaluated on some levels….. More to follow.

Oh yeah, bonus points to whoever can figure out how the power was delivered to the ground on the,  um, I guess it’s called a batscycle?


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