Mr. Bush-achov, tear this fiasco down!!!

July 19, 2008 at 1:34 pm Leave a comment

It seems that Mr. Bush is having a problem getting his erection monument up, his legacy as it were, on the campus of SMU. Some of the ingrate Methodists feel his way of seeing things is alien to them.

Perhaps this tribute to his special way of seeing could go to modern, peaceful Abu Dahbi, UAE?

This is the welcoming party in that Bush-friendly country, the one that’s already agreed not to allow any extradition from their country of war criminals in the future, no need to name them. As of this date, they haven’t been asked about providing a haven for international war criminals, but just wait and see! You may notice that he men have no eyes, but that’s a fair representation of blind justice, and their (lack of) vision matches that of Bush.

In this shot, they’ve using a Syrian plane to make sure that there’s room for Air Force One to park. Actually, George W. Bush will be moving there with a much shorter and yellow airbus that was especially created for his presidency, so there will be more than enough space at the airport.

Here we see the head of the Abu Dhabi Department of Water and Power at a meeting of OPEC, where they will trade their oil for food, as their country is not able to produce that which is not already underground.

This photo is added to this post as a public service, lest someone, somehow forget………


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