On Top of Hillary? Baby it’s cold up there…..

June 7, 2008 at 1:09 am Leave a comment

Hold on, that frost bitten place I was thinking of is actually Mt. Everest, and Edmund Hillary was the name of one of the first white climbers. Or something like that.

It’s just a joke, don’t start Tenzing up about it, Norgay.

Sorry, sometimes these puns write themselves.

In the primaries, the only thing Hillary Clinton ever had working in her favor was the possession a vagina, the one that got her votes from some democrats that had wanted a change and saw it only being possible with a woman in office. 

That vagina is all that Hillary had in common with other women, being the ultimate political hack she is she pushed it around (so to speak). Who else would have lived with world wide humiliation in exchange for getting a shot at the white house.

Hillary also received votes from DINOS, democrats in name only. Joe Lieberman (on the right in the photo above) was one of those that just wanted to screw up the democratic party. A true and detailed story of how that walking bag of crap was able to go from a co-star role on “Alf” all the way up to the V.P. slot on the democratic ticket, where he was able to sink Al Gore, would sure make a great book.

Well, seen a photo of Max Wright and Joe Lieberman in the same room? 

She also got a huge lift from true republicans that crossed party lines to vote in the democratic primary where they could. These rethuglicans are beyond deathly afraid that Obama will get elected, and they saw this as a chance to derail him during the primary election without even saying the republican election time mantra of “9-11”

If they had done the same to Bill Clinton, one might call it cock blocking.

Hey, I just did.

So now, it seems to me that Hillary’s got to be put out to pasture before doing any more damage, but who will put the bell on that vagina, errr… let’s make that on any one of her necks?

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