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Got Lost? Again?

Full disclosure (one more time), I watch very, very, very little television. Maybe a bit of the news from time to time, and “My Name Is Earl”, if I can somehow remember the time to turn on the tv. Further, I’ve never seen a complete reality show, never watched American Idol or Survivor at all, nor do I regret it.

This personal boycott of mine started about 15 years ago when I turned on the t.v. at 8 pm to watch some stupid sit-com (I know, redundant), and then suddenly Letterman was on. I had no memory of what was on during that 3+ hour blink, it just all went by my eyes in a blur.

So, on that night I gave up television.

 Last Thursday night was almost an out of body experience, as I watched three straight hours, minus a ton of commercials, of “Lost”. I can’t explain why it happened, it just happened. The strangest thing that etched its way into my mind is that the actress playing the mother of “Jack” looked almost exactly like the actress playing “Kate”, but well aged (or should that be aged well?).

Maybe it was the same actress playing both roles? This would be fine with me as I think she, well, the “Kate” one, is truly beautiful and a pleasure for this guy to watch. And, for broadcast t.v., she spent a lot of time bent over wearing low cut blouses, sure lucky for us guys that her father taught her how to lean way down and read foot prints when tracking someone huh? Actually, the show seemed to have a large percentage of the female members of the cast dressed like this and bent over for one reason or another. Perhaps this is why so many people have had so much trouble getting off the island? Or why I had trouble standing erect? Or didn’t have that problem?

Because as I stated in my viewing profile above, my opinion isn’t worth much to the owners of the material since I’m far from being a typical audience member, but there must be a price point that the producers of this show could research out, and then sell a complete linear collection of the story for. Tell me that cost for a re-edited version, so it’s all in one straight run from the crash to the events in the future. I’d pay $100.00 for such a DVD collection that didn’t have any of the annoying scrolling tapes running across the bottom of the screen with educational material for those that missed or slept through the previous episodes describing what we’ve / you’ve missed.

And who the hell was the guy in the coffin? And bug eyed “Ben”? That guy that reminds me of Tom McClintockthat overly twisted right wing wacko carpetbagger politician from Ventura County that is so over the top that he can’t (or so it seems) blink?

Google his name and look at the photos if you doubt that description.

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