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Republicans find a new use for gays…

No, I’m not talking about toe tapping meetings in restrooms, I’m talking about getting out the vote.

There’s nothing like a hot button issue launched just before the elections to rouse the knuckle dragging hard drinking gun toting unemployed pin headed bottom feeders to the voting booth, Herr Karl Rove taught them that simple truth years ago.

Cogito non, Ergo Bush…

Now, we find that a republican judge in California will allow (some might say drag) the gay folk “out” to get married, creating a perfect storm that will bring out the hesitant right wing old farts that would otherwise skip this election, as most are not happy to hold their collective noses and vote for John McFlipflop, even out there in those Seizure World retirement homes.

All this is, of course, just the precursor for the real hit, the infamous “October Surprise” that Bush has hinted that the country should be getting ready for during past few days.

Just my take, as always double your money back if not satisfied……

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My Intention Is…….

I’m giving my “economic stimulus” check to the Barack Obama election campaign. 

When I get a receipt for the donation, I’ll send a copy of it to Mr. George W. Bush.

I think that he should know he’s finally done something right for America.

This will be proof a Republican can do a good thing once in a while.

Sure, it’s a rare event, but it could happen again.

But, don’t bother waiting up for the next one.

My mission here is accomplished

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