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No Kiss, No Flowers, No Warm Meal….

….It seems that the protocols of nicety have gone away, as this evening I was bent over a barrel (as you might have guessed, it was an oil barrel)  without an excuse me, a reach around, or even a hand shake. 

On the way home from working on a reality t.v. show I stopped in Hollywood to add a little gas to the van for the ride back to the valley. So I stopped at a Chevron station, and without looking at the cost first, I stuck the nozzle in and started to pump (how’s that for stretching a metaphor or two?). A screeching halt to this process came when I noticed that the price window was showing $4.45.9 cents a gallon. I figured that the nearly a gallon that I had pumped would be enough of an insurance policy to at least get me to another, cheaper station in the valley, so I stopped…..






The next morning at Costco Van Nuys: $3.89.9, and about an additional 12 cents a gallon less for using my American Express card. Do the math……

Those poor bastards living in Hollywood, no huge number of stars in the bars or implanted on the sidewalks will ever make up for the hosing they get at the pumps there. I guess that’s why they say that when you drop your wallet in Hollywood, kick it until you get to Westwood before you bend over to pick it up.

Ummm, maybe you should make that until you get to Culver City?

This adds insult to injury on the day the the government extracts its final pound of flesh in the form of income tax filing, money that it needs to continue the massive war effort that was to give us cheap and plentiful gasoline. O.K., I’m still waiting.

Yup, still waiting for that cheap gas…..

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