More addictive than crack?

February 3, 2008 at 5:08 am Leave a comment

It seems that I’ve got a new monkey on my back, it’s called Google Image Labeler.  It’s proving to be more addictive than crack, and harder (so I hear) to walk away from.

You’ll find the link for it on the google image search page, and once you sign in and create a screen name for yourself (or use the generic “guest” if you so choose), you’re on the road to forgotten appointments, forgotten tv shows you planned to watch, forgotten dates with a loved one or spouse (maybe both if you’re a lucky one). My screen name is boskolives, should you happen to give this a try, just see if you can keep up.

The game, since you can call a long term battle for points a game, is played out as you’re assigned an unknown partner to team up with, and without seeing their guesses, try to match up a word choice with them for each of several photos you’re shown in a two minute game. There is with some of the photos a list of words on display for that photo that are off limits to use, labeled, believe it or not, “off limits”. I found this list to be helpful in an unexpected way, because of my slow as crap internet service provider. To avoid any possible legal considerations, I’ll just say the name of my provider is one  you can easily yodel and have it sound like the name of a chocolate drink. You’d sure have to  be some kind of yahoo to miss that clue.

Often, my partner will have two or three of their guesses up before I even get an image to look at, so by using the off limits list as a guide to what the photo might be, I speculate a bit. For example, if they flash up a photo of a ballerina and the clock starts running, even though I can’t see it yet, off limit words will give me a clue. The ballerina photo might have “dancer”, “tutu”, or “tiara” as off limits, so I’ll guess it has something to do with dance and I’ll put up some type of dance connected colors like white or black, or fabrics like silk or something that might be associated with ballet. Then when the photo finally shows up I’ll fire off as many words as I can that might be chosen by my partner, and when one of my guesses matches one of his or hers, we get points that show up for each of us on our running scores.

The down side to this is that I’ll start to play for a while when the 6 o’clock news comes on and just a few minutes later David Letterman is doing his top ten list. The up side is that I’ve become a much faster typist, overall that’s not a bad trade-off for my lost sleep and uh…. life.

You’ve been warned!


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