Apple before ATT? It’s more than an alphabet issue

August 26, 2007 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

Did Steve slip ATT a hot hard one?

All the news feature articles about how people are finding and publishing ways their Apple phones can be used on other phone service providers systems are, IMHO, overlooking one possible view.

What if Steve Jobs had this in the works from the beginning? Perhaps he used ATT like a tool to get a rapid jump in the crowded phone field for his version of the Crackberry?

Imagine this: Apple hits up ATT with a great offer, push our phone in all of your advertising, and we’ll give you the exclusive run with it. ATT being the greed whore that it is, bites hard.

Meanwhile, Apple has designed in a back door that would allow (after a certain amount of time) someone who could, for instance, be given the code to bypass the locking system, to make it into a world phone.

No one has asked how some 17 year old hacker got two iPhones to play around with to do his R+D, does his home financial picture allow for this?

Well, more power to him anyway, I kicked ATT to the curb as my cellular provider years ago, and now I’ve done the same with my home long distance. This has resulted in a nice chunk of change in savings on both of my phone bills.

Maybe it’s time to put an iPhone on my “need to take another look at” list……

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