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If you know me, you’re really not going to believe this!!

There is now a valid reason on the table for me to vote for a republican candidate. This is, for what (in my so-so memory) will be the first time in my life, that I could even get close to picking someone from the dark side.

Yesterday, I had a short job doing the sound recording of an interview with a Republican presidential hopeful, the former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

So, was it merely my being in the same room that made me consider breaking my own record of never putting my stamp on the party of the elephant?

Ummm, no. In the past, I’ve been in the same room with Bush the (somewhat) wiser and Bush the (complete) idiot, and never had a thought in that direction.

What it was, was, that after taking a photo of him, and then one with him, I handed him my camera and asked him if he would take a photo of me.

This was for bragging rights.

That is, if somehow he were to be elected, I could show that picture and say “This photo of me was taken by the President Of The United States“.

So, that’s how Rudy got his red nose… Oops, I mean, my vote.

Just for the record Mr. Giuliani, don’t give up your day job just yet. Rudy (Look! We’re on a first name basis) had said while framing up the shot, that photography was a hobby of his.

Let’s just say that after looking at that photo he took, and taking into consideration that since it was a point and shoot type camera, composition was his only choice, it might not be a good career move.

Keeping it a hobby might not be a bad idea.

For the record (part II)…. He’s actually a very personable guy, and a bit taller than you might think from the press photos.

I could have a catch with him (that’s a baseball term, not a personals ad for a threeway).

By the way, don’t bother looking around for that snapshot of me.

I could show it to you, but then I’d have to kill you (if you didn’t die laughing first).

Peace out…..

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