Double speak, squared (at least)……

April 14, 2007 at 7:22 am 1 comment

This just in from the newswire…

(CNN) — Tours of duty for members of the U.S. Army serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have been extended from 12 months to 15 months effective immediately, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

“What we’re trying to do here is provide some long-term predictability to our soldiers and their families,” Gates told reporters at the Pentagon.

I guess that if you were to shoot someone in the head several times, it would “provide some long-term predictability” about their future.

Sorry, I gotta call bullshit here, this is just a work-around for the weasels in the (very) White House to try to show that our country is still behind them, committed to keeping the press on for the war effort, and that we are not understaffed in doing this.

The reality is that our keeping this crap up and running, and then starting another war, for instance, in Iran, will leave us without needed resources for the next hurricane, earthquake, shockjock statement driven riot, or even to repel an invasion from Canada for that matter.

O.K., I should disclose that I’m a Viet-Nam era veteran who had to serve in the military in a war I didn’t believe in because I didn’t have a well connected family member that could pull strings to make me into a F.A.N.G. (the A.N.G. part is Air National Guard, fill in the “F’n” word of choice for the F.) and thereby keep me safe and dry for the duration. Also, in the days before global warming, Canada was just too cold for me, but I digress. To give this some emotional depth, put on Credence Clearwater’s “Fortunate Son” and sit back and do nothing but drugs for a few years. This could be good training to be President some day, as long as you, or an employee of yours, can delete any bad news items about you.

On a somewhat related issue, where the hell is our president (of vice), happy trigger finger Dick? He’s as hard to track as Osama (hey, remember him?) these days. Hmmm…. Maybe they have a card game going on in some Tora Bora cave, you know that place we left behind, when we jumped on a bandwagon that wasn’t really there to go take out Hussain? Do you suppose that they are discussing all of those bin Laden family and other Saudi oil interests, and perhaps talking about good places to live after 2008, ones that don’t have extradition agreements with the U.S.???? Well, do you?

When is a great IT hero type person (that just sounds like a self-cancelling phrase, doesn’t it?) going to come forward and show the mutton heads in congress how to retrieve all those missing e-mails that Rove(r) ate?

Delete is a verb, and not exactly a promise that something can’t re-surface again. It’s all still out there somewhere….

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That non-explainable time-space thing Dubya Tee Eff???

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  • 1. Badhri  |  April 15, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    On a much much more remotely connected and almost a tangential issue, why doesn’t anybody inside or outside USA ever ask the question “Where the hell are the cockpit voice recorders of the three planes that crashed into the buildings?”


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