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While thinking again about the anti terrorist idea (see a few posts earlier re: stoping suicide bombers), I had another idea on how to stop this situation. Once while working on a film, I was close (way too close as it turned out, I almost needed an underwear change) to an accidental firing of an effects rigging. An old car had been set up with an explosive charge inside a large diameter metal pipe that on ignition would push down a section of telephone pole out of the bottom and cause the car to flip over during part of a chase scene. Said old car was minding it’s own business in a roped off section, when someone walked by a bit too close and keyed their walkie talkie, and Boom!. The car flipped up 10 feet into the air and landed upside down. So, I’m thinking that if someone (HEY DARPA!) was to be able to come up with a very strong sort of electronic static spark generator, maybe working like the long distance heat weapon that was unveiled last week, that could generate a pulse on demand in a somewhat directional signal, this remote controlled device could perhaps set off a belt pack full of C4 and ball bearings on some yahoo far away from any intended (people) targets. Then, we could go back to the idea about sending the remains to a local oink factory to produce terrorist Kielbasa. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Think about it, I did.

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