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The ultimate full (3 card) monte

I read that our decider in chief has a new plan to help us, I’m already grabbing my ankles. He has this plan, you see, to give tax breaks to help us normal, non-CEO type people pay for medical insurance, great idea huh? The problem is that this does nothing to stop the obscene profiteering cashflow that the insurance and pharm industry reap every day, it only reroutes the cash directly from the U.S. budget, instead of you and me. And where does that money come from? Yup, taxes paid by you ‘n me, assuming that you’re not part of the “haves” or the “have mores” that make up the Bush base, and more or less get a pass on taxation.

I suppose that the large donations that were made by the above corporations might have contributed (no pun intended) to this plan, but under it all is the ongoing uber-conservative drive to bankrupt the economy so that whatever few dollars that might still be left in the Social Security bank account can be sucked out, causing it to fail and keeping the debtor class intact as a way of life for all, until death shall they part (with their money). This has been on the right’s agenda for years, and so it’s yet one more win-win deal for them and a enlarged boning for us.

Here’s the logic trail for those that didn’t get it:

Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies take in a lot of money….
Some people can’t afford it or don’t qualify….
Government pays it for them….
People (one way or another, including subsequent generations) pay the government….
Go back to step one……

Pass me the Astrolube on your way out will ya!

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