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A Google Earth Moment

Wandering around the globe on Google Earth, I decided to have a look at some of the Detroit area homes I lived in as a kid, and get a perspective on how far they really were from places I went to.

As it turns out, my spindly legs have a far different memory as to the distance from each home to the school I attended, but this might be a result of those short white legs slogging along in snow and slush.

The real “shock to the system” moment came as I scanned around a park across from the last house my family lived in just before we moved to California. There was the area that had the swings, monkey bars, chin-up bars, and a sandbox, all gone now, replaced by a tennis court (love the detail and color on this image). I was thinking about the exact location and order of these kid memories when I remembered that on that very spot next to where the monkey bars had been, I had looked up into the early 1960’s sky.

My bare eyes located the shiny new satellite Telstar moving across the night sky. Then it hit me, here I am looking down from a satellite to the spot where I as a young kid had been looking up at a satellite.


During that time period of my life I remember seeing an advertisment on the back of a magazine that was for the Rosicrucians (hope that’s spelled more or less correct), wherein a guy is laying on a huge altar or something, and there’s a lightning bolt striking him in the head.

Well, this was sort of like that for me, a bolt from the blue, or maybe from my powerbook.

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