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Gerald Ford walked on water?

For many reasons, bringing DumbOld Rumfilled, Slick Dick Cheezy, and Henry Kissassinger out from under their collective rocks for example, I really can’t buy into the re-writing of history that’s going on now to make Gerald Ford into a “decent, if mis-understood” politico. If for nothing else, Ford’s letting Nixon off the hook is good enough reason to hope he’s part of a South Park type of three-some with Satan and Saddam.

An email poured in, asking for a little bit of information about me, in a round-a-bout way. Hmmm, I’m old enough to remember when Dennis Miller was funny. Stop your laughing, he was once a sharp and well timed comedian, honest. Now he’s the main weasel whore in charge of what passes for humor, working at the Fox mega conglomerate. I think he’s in serious need of a visit from Orkins to get that bug out of his ass.

I’m also old enough to remember being tear-gassed several times while living in Berkeley, and having a small photography business next door to the stringed instrument repair shop of Mr. Campbell Coe, a legend that walked and talked almost like a mortal. Campbell was the go-to guy (spoken highly of by Jerry Garcia) if your mandolin needed to be re-surfaced, or your Martin needed the machines replaced to be able to hold tune. He was driving an old Opel mini wagon with license plates from China, they were several years out of date but obscure enough that the Berkeley P.D. ignored him. Sorely missed is an understatement indeed.

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