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Is he still dead? (Saddam, not Jerry Ford)

Well, it’s been a day and Saddam is most likely still dead, assuming that wasn’t one of his look-alikes that they strung up. I could easily imagine him off basking on some tropic isle with Ken Lay. What’s that, you don’t think it was a bit odd that a (as far as we know) straight arrow like “Kenny Boy” would have arranged to have himself cremated barely after his body assumed room temperature?

Well, somehow I’m not feeling that much more secure with Msr. Hussain now blowing dust farts, but at least he won’t be creating and launching another 911 attack like that last one he did. Oh wait, that wasn’t him, it was Osama bin Whatshisname. Got to imagine how confused “W” is now, dealing with that unusual experience of actually having finished something he started to do without being bailed out by the Carlyle group, mixed with the joy of doing something that his father didn’t do. Maybe someday someone will point out to him why #42 passed on smoking Saddam, someone had to be around with power to keep those psychos from really tearing up each other and their “country”. If you question why I don’t think it’s a real country, explore how it was put together by the Brits (think “V” for victory Churchill).

I guess this would be a natural time for a mission statement, but I’m just not in the mood, what with the end of the year less than 5 hours away. Perhaps I’ll ramble on a bit more. Or not. For all the blogs I’ve gone through while doing research on the percentage of blogs containing porn (not quite enough, imho), this is a little more like work than that I thought it would be, maybe next year, aka tomorrow!!!

Cheers and all that,Ornamental food.

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