“I got a bad feeling about this…”

I chose to use that phrase from Star Wars because I have such a really bad feeling.

My prediction senses are tingling now, even more than when I posted a plan on Facebook on the day it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein was finally in prison, a plan on how you could make a fortune by simply taking out a life insurance policy to cover him and then naming yourself as the loss payee.

Who on earth couldn’t have seen that coming?

Mr. Wizzard

Today, it’s just as easy to spot a very bad situation that’s coming down the pike for us on, oh, let’s say maybe the 11th of September or so, however I can’t think of any way for you to monotize a date that’s been situated so prominently in history. 


In America, we have to live with an extremely lame duck president who is just running out the clock, one that’s famous for saying and doing extremely stupid things on the spur of the moment, things he doesn’t stop and think through or even consider what possible events may follow that we have to live with. 

The Donald's Do

Considering this, I’m certain that at this very moment he’s deep in discussions he later will deny knowing anything about, meetings where he will likely be advised to skip any short term “False Flag” solution and go directly to the modern version of a much much bigger event, one that originally took place in the ancestral home of his family, and can be found if you do a search for “Reichstag Fire”.

Since we know when it’s likely to happen, the real questions are where it will take place and how many people will need to die in order to create a distraction that will be significant enough to take our minds off of the damage he’s done to this country?

silhouette of statue near trump building at daytime

Photo by Carlos Herrero on Pexels.com

I suppose we best just be quiet for the next few days, and keep a very low profile.

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How long?

A few questions that seem to have never been asked for over half a century…

Robert F. Kennedy died June 6, 1968,

How long was Sirhan B. Sirhan employed at the Ambassador Hotel before he (and perhaps another person) shot Bobby Kennedy?

Historical note, he worked there only a day or so.

He used an 8 shot revolver yet an audio recording of the event has the sounds of more than a dozen shots being fired.

Why did no one investigate why it was that Sirhan bought that gun just days before the shooting and quickly spent time at a shooting range learning how to use it?

Who hired Sirhan and then got him placed in the path of Kennedy’s egress?

Why was nothing ever made of Sirhan being in front of Kennedy yet the fatal shot to his head was from the rear?

pink plastic revolver toy

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So much stink to this but so few answers, do the research…


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Things I’ve learned, # 1, parts is parts

One thing that I learned while working as an engine mechanic on F4 Phantoms while I was in the Air Force was that right after an aircraft has landed and taxied to its parking spot, you don’t want to shut the engine off right away.

It’s best for all of its moving parts if you will just let it idle a while, this is so that the internal temperatures can stabilize and the lubrication system is allowed to do it’s job.

Much like love, this is so that on re-start there is no direct surface to surface contact without adequate lubricant protection.

This also applies to cars, motorcycles, jet skis or whatever you ride on or in, from a 2020 Ferrari to a 1997 Ford Expedition, parts is parts… 

f4 Phantom

As always, your comments (assuming you’re not overly antagonistic) are welcome!


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Still calling it a phone?

Based on my current usage, I now choose to call that Samsung device that I once referred to as my phone a “Pocket Computer” (like a “laptop computer” but smaller). I suppose that it’s technically still a phone, but 90% or more of the time I’m using it as a thing I use to search on the internet, and more specifically spend time looking for work openings and checking on my e-mail. 

Most often I’ll make or receive less than a few dozen calls a week, and a large part of those received ones ends up being of the robo-call variety I will get for one sort of scam or another. I let those go to voice mail where the caller is told that I didn’t answer because either I’m working or I don’t recognize their phone number, and then I ask them to just leave a voice mail message for me and I will return their call as soon as we wrap or when get a break if they prove to be humans.

man wearing brown suit jacket mocking on white telephone

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Average as of today of messages that get left, less than 5%,

Life used to be so simple…


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Did you notice the mistake in “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” that the continuity person, the camera operator, the editor and perhaps a few others have missed?

So, there’s this shot in the film where Brad Pitt is driving along on the freeway, yet the speedometer is clearly visible on the right side of the frame and shows he’s driving along at “0” mph.

The shot doesn’t have the elevated car riding along well above the other traffic height look like that would be the result of the Lincoln being on a process trailer, which could have explained this happening, as watching for small details on a bouncing monitor is usually difficult.

It likely this was shot on a stage with a green screened in background where catching it would have only meant one more easy CGI fix, taking into consideration all of the other complex Forrest Gump style character insertions that they did.

Sadly, no one on the camera or watching in video village noticed it.

However, this didn’t bother me nearly as much as having to pay $15.00 (with a senior discount yet) to see this at the Arc Light Cinema, where you have to guess the row number for your reserved seat because some clever person made the numbers for all purposes invisible in the dark. 

Bah, Humbug…

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Here, driven to return by “FleeceBook”!!!

Well, I’m finally back. Please check in here again soon if you wish to see any of my new postings soon to come as I say F.U. to FaceBook. Also, I’d like to invite back those of my old crowd and any new people who have yet to be offended by me…

Did I mention that I’m in FB prison at this very moment due to my supposed violation of vague and spurious rules of “Community Standards”? And, any of your comments would be appreciated if you have a moment…

More soon…

stainless steel screw

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Parts Is Parts, Or So They Say…

I have an idea that could out Apple Apples’ Biometric new program for their latest iPhone, it’s an image recognition program that’s like their facial I.D. it’s an application that’s more personal and harder for a hacker to work around, I call it:

“Dick / Clit recognition”

The main problem I have so far is that (as a guy) there could be log in I.D. difficulties on really cold days, or when I’m having some happy and explicit memories of really good days. This also could affect females who use my application but I’m not sure what the parameters are, perhaps some one could enlighten me?

Does this sound like something that I should pursue, or am I just jerking myself off here?

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