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A China Trickle Down Syndrome Theory

Mitt “Just call me el Gringo” Romney actually displayed some emotions yesterday after his main financial backer,  Sheldon Adelson, told him that he was going to spend billions of his corporate dollars to build a huge casino in Spain, a country where unemployment is well over 20 percent. Adelson was clearly elated when he told Mitt that he will pay peanuts in Pesetas (O.K., I know they deal in Euros, but then I’d lose that alliteration joke) to hire about 260,000 desperate and out of work locals to build it for him, and he told Mitt that he was sure that he’d be getting their votes at the same time as a two-fer.

Mitt’s range of emotions can go from “A” to “B”

A visibly shaken Romney roared back at Sheldon “Are you having another one of your Senior Moments, señor? This is not what I was talking about when I said we needed to reach more Spanish speaking voters, I meant Spanish speaking voters who will vote in America”. 

Sheldon doing his wild “Ray Charles” impersonation.

And we see get closer to that slippery slope by the day

After an extended search of the internet, I’ve not found even a single photo that shows Mitt in the same room with Sheldon, much less one of Mitt performing oral on that old fart, so there may be no truth to those pervasive rumors going around that it’s more than an expected huge return on his investment that keeps Mr. Adelson giving the big bucks to his most recent big buck who he refers to as Mary Cohen. After all, Callista Gingrich is younger and hotter than Ann Romney, so if the candidates really were whoring their wives out, there must be something I’m missing that could explain why Sheldon dropped Newt for Mitt. Or maybe it was because Mitt showed up with well worn kneepads? 

Stay tuned here for the next “Mitt-iteration, it’s just a flip and a flop away

What’s that? You actually think Newt was used as even more of a “Tool” than most sane people have always said he was? That Newt’s real purpose as an independent contractor working for the owner of the Sands Hotel and many fine gambling establishments in Macao and other far flung places was to take the heat and shunt the other runners in the campaign into the extreme right gutter so Romney could be sort of squeaky clean at the end of the primaries? Well, yeah, me too……

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