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God – Bless – Armenia, land that I……..

Try singing that opening riff to the tune of god bless America, or if you’re of the older persuasion, picture Kate Smith singing it.

One has to wonder what all the uproar is about, with some U.S. politicos pushing to make a non-binding * statement about something that, no matter how horrible it was, happened (or not) before about 99 percent of people alive today were born, in a part of the world about as far away as possible.

Hey, by definition I’m an old fart now, and the year quoted in this discussion took place before my father was born.

This is all especially hard to follow, especially when you consider that the particular area of the world doesn’t even have a large supply of oil to steal.

I could understand it easier if this was coming only from the elected representatives of residents of, oh let’s say, Glendale, California, AKA “Little Armenia”. However, this noise is coming from a crap pile of white bread hacks on the right who see it as yet another chance to create a distraction from the mess our country finds itself in, and at the same time, an odd assortment of lefties.

In yet another strange turn in my life, I now find myself siding with that good old boy,
George W. Bush, who is trying to derail this clusterfuck, and wondering WTF the House speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing in trying to bring it to the floor of the House of Representatives.

I’ve heard at least two sides to the genocide story, one here from Armenian friends, and the other while working twice on films in Turkey. Sadly, neither one trumps the other enough to make me take a side in the debate, only to question why it’s boiling over now.

Speaking only for myself, I worry more about what’s happening to the Kurds and the Darfurians (yeah, I know that calling those f’d individuals of Darfur by that name makes them seem to be of Armenian ancestry), and the long list of other countries around the globe where so many people are in such deep shit right now for starts.

Also, I can almost be concerned about the people of Iraq and Iran. Well, almost.

Before any reader whose name ends with …ian, …ien, …yan, etc.-ian should jump in heavy on this, I have to ask you exactly how much of your energy or money is going to the assistance of the poor folk of the countries mentioned above?

Sort of what I thought.

*non-binding: This has no effect on any actual thing, and never will. It’s just a lot of political posturing for the sake of the news. It’s also often referred to as “Bullshit”.

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