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4-25-07; a day that lives in infamy, like the rest.

In a news report today, Gen. David H. Petraeus (sort of a coincidence, but it rhymes with Betray Us), the commander in Iraq, still insists that everything is O.K. and the war effort is going well for us there. Somehow, nearly 20 percent of the population of America will continue to support the commander in chimp in whatever he says, goose stepping their way to 2008. I’m starting to lose hope of seeing Dubya frog marched out of the White House along with his partner, blood clot boy.

Marching in that same conga line, Republican Senator John McCain has formally launched his US presidential campaign to nowhere. Long ago, I had great respect for him as a former prisoner of war who made it through several tough years, now I view him as either a updated “Manchurian Candidate” that has had his implanted orders start taking effect, or just another burnout political whore who felt the need to embrace the Christian right wing and become the new leader of the Dubya base idiots. Either way, I wish him well, and fast travel on his way to oblivion.

Still blooming in the news, our war heroes are shown to be just humans with slanted or fabricated news coverage made up to take the attention away from what a terrible decision it was to launch this war based on lies. Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch were used as pawns in that game, it’s been long known that Tillman was killed by friendly fire with the details obscured by fellow Rangers that were ordered to lie, the true story in the news today as his brother faced the press. And Lynch, caught up in a cover-up where the true story was whitewashed to hide what really happened, is finally trying to get the real story told.

As the truth of these and other Bushwar problems continue to surface, I have to wonder if we will ever find out what keeps our resident (I still can’t call him president) from being impeached. If nothing else, the videos shown today of his frantic dancing, if you will give him the benefit of the doubt as to what was going on, on a stage where with a lot of spastic movement it seems that he’s trying to drum his way out of trouble as Laura glances at him with her resolution fading by the moment.

To those that live in the rest of the world, try to understand that most of us here in the U.S. are truly sorry. You have no idea exactly how very very sorry, but please forgive us for the next few years. I just hope that we can make it until then.

And, so it goes………..

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Dubya Tee Eff???

At the risk of being called a racist and losing my radio show…. Hey, wait, I don’t have a radio show to lose, so no worries. Is anyone else catching the action that’s going on to keep the news occupied with anything other than what the powers that be are doing, in the middle East for example?
News flash: Don Imus is an asshole. He always was, this is not late breaking news to most people that have listened to his screed over the years, but now he’s the attention magnet. What he said was not nice to African Americans or woman, but it’s what he said, which I think is covered under Freedom Of Speech, if that’s still in what’s left of the Constitution of the USA. Now every wannabe asshole feels free to blow it way out of proportion so that they can grab their 15 minutes of fame. Sorry Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, somehow you became the unrequested speakers for blacks everywhere, take your problematic religion, and all of the problems it causes, somewhere else.

My take is simple, get over it, walk it off. There’ve been many far more terrible things said, and there will be even more in the future, stop letting words that people say drive everything, punish the people that do actual deeds. And by the way, Stevie Wonder had used most of that that reviled term in the lyrics of one of his songs that I think was about Duke Ellington, Count Basie, or some other ’30′s, ’40′s or ’50′s big band singer (sorry to not have more information, just not my musical interest), the line he sang went something like: “When I was a Nappy headed little boy…..”, and the term “Hoe’s” has for a long time been a part of comedy bits and rap / hip-hop lyrics that are used every day without notice.

And the Duke lacrosse team has been found not guilty after almost a year. They were tried in the press with, again, the same screaming Harpies looking for blood from some one, for something that now has been shown to have never happened. This, along with Mr. Blockhead and his Anna Nicole baby sure made good press though, it certainly took attention away from that little charming Latino, Alberto Gonzales. And those missing +/- 5 million eMails. And that cute butterball Rove. And the ongoing loss of civilian life around the world. And……. fill in the blank.

Today, we have to deal with a pile of Terrible news about the shootings in Virginia. Yes, this deserves some column inches in the paper for a day or so, and also some time on the airwaves as well. And so it goes, let’s move on and try to not make it anything but what it is, a nutcase went on a shooting spree and some people are dead. More Americans in the military die in Iraq / Afghanistan, Bumfuckistan, wherever in that part of the world every month to protect American Oil interests. Well over 3,000 so far, where’s the outcry?

Locally, a Los Angeles t.v. news show spent a lot of time reflecting on how something similar, but on a somewhat smaller scale, happened on a campus near here 31 years ago, and then the newsreader spent more time interviewing people at that school, most of whom were not even born at the time it occured, for their opinions on something that happened a continent away. The interesting thing now will be to see if “W”, in all his weepy sorrow that he expressed at the service in Virginia today, will now have said anything about making it even just a little more difficult for people to buy guns. What do you think?

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Direct from Dilbert’s Blog

This is a comment I posted on the Dilbert blog earlier today, after Scott Adams asked about the difference between our form of government and the one they have in Iran, I thought it was worth posting here. Also, I’m working really long hours on a film and in truth I don’t have the energy to write another word today, so here it is in all its copied and pasted glory:

Here in the U.S. we have a “President” that’s in office thanks to either the “Supreme Court” or a company that manufactures vote counting machines and is owned by a person with ties to donations to a certain political party, depending on who you choose to believe. This “President” is also in the 2nd place in our power structure, ruled over by the “Vice President” who is appointed by the “Corporations”, these actually make the decisions that run the country.
You might remember when there was a question about the “President” having some sort of bump on his back during the debates, that’s just the accidently left open trap door to where the person doing the actual thinking puts his hand in to make it seem like the “President” is making his own movements or speach.
The “Vice President” isn’t really a good ventriloquist, as you can see by how he can’t manage to keep his mouth to be level as he tries to make it look like he’s not the one who’s actually speaking. If he was really good, he could drink a glass of water while the dummy, ooops, the “President” was speaking. I’ve never seen this happen yet. The “President” on the other hand (the one that most likely belongs to the bloated creature known as “Rove”), has known problems just eating a pretzel, even when he’s not speaking. Or snorting, for that matter.
So, getting to your question about which system is better, it’s like asking someone if they want to be thrown into a cage full of lions or a cage full of tigers (any other Detroit sport teams besides the Pistons to add to this analogy?). In the end, no pun intended, we’re all just so much shit on the bottom of a cage to the ones that really do run things. Me? I’m going in to the tar and feather retailing business, I think there’s going to be a really big demand for these items sometime in 2008.

March 9, 2007 at 4:04 am 1 comment

The ultimate full (3 card) monte

I read that our decider in chief has a new plan to help us, I’m already grabbing my ankles. He has this plan, you see, to give tax breaks to help us normal, non-CEO type people pay for medical insurance, great idea huh? The problem is that this does nothing to stop the obscene profiteering cashflow that the insurance and pharm industry reap every day, it only reroutes the cash directly from the U.S. budget, instead of you and me. And where does that money come from? Yup, taxes paid by you ‘n me, assuming that you’re not part of the “haves” or the “have mores” that make up the Bush base, and more or less get a pass on taxation.

I suppose that the large donations that were made by the above corporations might have contributed (no pun intended) to this plan, but under it all is the ongoing uber-conservative drive to bankrupt the economy so that whatever few dollars that might still be left in the Social Security bank account can be sucked out, causing it to fail and keeping the debtor class intact as a way of life for all, until death shall they part (with their money). This has been on the right’s agenda for years, and so it’s yet one more win-win deal for them and a enlarged boning for us.

Here’s the logic trail for those that didn’t get it:

Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies take in a lot of money….
Some people can’t afford it or don’t qualify….
Government pays it for them….
People (one way or another, including subsequent generations) pay the government….
Go back to step one……

Pass me the Astrolube on your way out will ya!

January 26, 2007 at 8:00 am 1 comment

A Non-Kosher Stop To Islamic Suicide Bombings?

A while ago I was reading one of the always brilliant and usually pee-in-your-pants funny editions of the Dilbert blog created by Scott Adams, and in that one he wrote about the feeding of the remains of murder victims to pigs that was done by some lazy killers that didn’t want to have to clean up the blood, transport the body, dig the holes, etc….

Cleanup on aisle 3? I got you covered!!!

Well hey, if someone was able to take the blown up remains of suicide bombers and then feed that mess to the hogs, and also shoot a video of the whole deal from the scrape up start to the flatulent finish, I’m thinking that there would be an immediate end to all of the ongoing martyr creation once it were to air on Al Jazzera.

Are we at aisle 3 yet?

Just how many of those 72 virgins do you suppose would still give a warm welcome to what’s been transformed into a steaming pile of hog shit to spend eternity with it?

Forget about the other 71 babes, I promise it’s just you and me

Would Allah put out his hand (even if it’s his left one) to shake the non-halal hands or whatever other parts that may have survived the blast, once they’ve passed through several linear meters of menudo?

My mom would be so proud if she saw me now!

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. 

P.S., check back for occasional updates and rewrites….

January 25, 2007 at 4:20 am 1 comment

Is he still dead? (Saddam, not Jerry Ford)

Well, it’s been a day and Saddam is most likely still dead, assuming that wasn’t one of his look-alikes that they strung up. I could easily imagine him off basking on some tropic isle with Ken Lay. What’s that, you don’t think it was a bit odd that a (as far as we know) straight arrow like “Kenny Boy” would have arranged to have himself cremated barely after his body assumed room temperature?

Well, somehow I’m not feeling that much more secure with Msr. Hussain now blowing dust farts, but at least he won’t be creating and launching another 911 attack like that last one he did. Oh wait, that wasn’t him, it was Osama bin Whatshisname. Got to imagine how confused “W” is now, dealing with that unusual experience of actually having finished something he started to do without being bailed out by the Carlyle group, mixed with the joy of doing something that his father didn’t do. Maybe someday someone will point out to him why #42 passed on smoking Saddam, someone had to be around with power to keep those psychos from really tearing up each other and their “country”. If you question why I don’t think it’s a real country, explore how it was put together by the Brits (think “V” for victory Churchill).

I guess this would be a natural time for a mission statement, but I’m just not in the mood, what with the end of the year less than 5 hours away. Perhaps I’ll ramble on a bit more. Or not. For all the blogs I’ve gone through while doing research on the percentage of blogs containing porn (not quite enough, imho), this is a little more like work than that I thought it would be, maybe next year, aka tomorrow!!!

Cheers and all that,Ornamental food.

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