A Piece Of Crap Absorbed By A Bigger Piece Of Crap

February 13, 2014 at 6:11 am 1 comment

It’s official now, Time Warner Cable has been sucked up by the hive and has become yet one more cog in the huge miserable machine that is Comcast, a company that (since 1985) I’ve called ComCrap, a.k.a. Com(pletely)Crap, and that’s when I’m in a charitable mood. This move puts Time Warner Cable into the Ancient History division for me, I won’t continue to do business with them, nor allow anyone I know to so either. For those who were even moderately unhappy with the benign neglect that was the signature treatment from TWC, all I can say is BOHICA.


It’s A Comcast Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

This hits home with me as seriously as a heart attack because despite my choice of cutting off my cable for T.V. service three or four years ago and using an old school, which is the only school I know, roof mount style Radio Shack antenna instead, I’m aware that I still need some sort of connection for my internet service for a while longer until I get more comfortable with the idea of using a program that allows me to sidestep the cost of paying twice to the VERItably greediest bastards in the world of scumbag cel service companies for the use of my cel phone as an internet access hot spot to feed the daily browsing of my MacBook.

N.B., The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. 

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Advance To The Rear See The U.S.A. That’s Inside Your Chevrolet…

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  • 1. lulumoretti  |  February 13, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    This from Andy Borowitz:

    Dear subscribers,

    Today, it was announced that Comcast is joining forces with Time Warner Cable in a friendly acquisition worth $45 billion. As we could have expected, many people are wondering what this transaction will mean to the service that you, our subscribers, will enjoy.

    We know that all of your comments, however mean-spirited some of them may have been, have come from a good place: genuine concern about what this merger will mean for your future cable service. At Comcast/Time Warner, we care deeply about those concerns, and, to help allay them, here are some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) we have received since the merger was announced.

    Q: How will the merger affect the price of my cable service?

    A: There is no clear answer to that. But we will be introducing financing options, roughly similar to those that enabled you to attend college.

    Q: Will there be any adverse impact on customer service?

    A: A technician will be at your home between the hours of eight and never.

    Q: How frequently will you turn off the Internet, and are you going to deliberately crush Netflix by making it impossible to stream its movies?

    A: Often and probably.

    Q: I am a current Time Warner subscriber. Who will be handling customer complaints, Comcast or Time Warner?

    A: Please address all complaints to Comcast/Time Warner Customer Service, 666 Noonethere Lane, Abysstown, U.S.A.

    Q: I have been on hold for the past hour, and no one seems to be picking up. How long can I expect to wait?

    A: Due to concern about the merger, we are experiencing longer-than-expected wait times. In the meantime, eat me.


    Comcast/Time Warner Cable


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