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I lack an external mute switch, I guess

The title of this post describes the best reason I can provide you that could come close to explaining why my career never has reached the level which it so clearly deserves.

When someone asks me a question, I just answer it without much, if any at all, thought as to what the questioner really want to hear. So were you to ask me “Hey, how are you feeling?”, you may get an answer that’s driven by my bodily sensations of the moment, something along the lines of, “Well, I’m having a little digestive issue at this time, perhaps you should stand a bit up-wind of me if you have any further questions to ask.” This is in keeping with something lawyers in training learn early on, don’t ask questions unless you already know the answer, especially questions that you don’t really want an answer to or even care what the answer is. I suppose that it’s possible that you don’t know how many people there are who will ask a question and be insulted when you give them the answer the way you see it. More than you could believe, far more.

To simplify things, nowhere in my makeup is there anything that would cause me to wonder why this person is using up even a minute of their time on earth to ask me what amounts to a question of similar depth to “what does 2 plus 2 equal?”.

So I will quietly reply “4″, and it usually gets a smile, it’s a win win deal, huh? My inner Sheldon Cooper just rejoices a bit with the humor in being discovered as yet another trained monkey. 

I may be getting more tactful as I age, but as yet it’s only been a small shift in degrees and not a sea change of a direction alteration. Earlier in my life when I was also working as a still photographer and a person would show me a photo they were proud of shooting and ask what I thought about it, I might have said “Other than a basic lack of any sort of compositional sense or focus, and an obvious misunderstanding of the principles of using any number of methods to try and make what’s essentially a two dimensional item seem to have depth, it’s really not too bad.”

Now, the new and improved me would likely say “It’s really you, it’s got your name all over it”. This answer still addresses the question, but to quote an experienced political leader and former draft dodger, “Mission Accomplished”…..

That being said, I will now open myself up for a critique of my favorite photo. Not as an excuse, but just me being my folksy self, after years of shooting products with 8×10 and 4×5 cameras, taking (and no exaggeration here) a few hundred thousand images with motorized Hassleblads and Nikons on t.v. shows, movies, commercials, my favorite photo turns out to be one taken with my previous phone, a Droid Incredible. Really look closely at it for a few moments and see if you get the feeling that you might looking through the mirror before you stick that dagger in, s’il vous plaît…..

Hey, reflections of reflections of clouds

This was taken while I was riding in the passenger seat of a crew van returning from a video shoot that took place on the South rim of the Grand Canyon. When I saw that view in the exterior door mirror I hung up on a call I had made and shot it. I now have boot marks on my ass from kicking myself for not cranking up the resolution / image quality choices and getting a higher res image, yet at the same time I realize that to have paused even for a moment to make the changes, it might have been a lesser “Mission Accomplished” for me. As a side note, two friends have asked me if it was a tough job to alter this image in Photo Shop, I wonder how they’re doing these days?

I await your slings and arrows.

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. That being said, photo copyright July 2012 by Boskolives, non-profit usage freely granted, photo credit always appreciated.

P.S., check back for occasional updates and rewrites….


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Understanding Eric Ivan Cantor….

One possible explanation for why Eric “Wenigkeit Schvantz” (In Yiddish, “That Tiny Dick“) Cantor is the kind of guy that he is might be if any of his ancestors had survived Auschwitz or any of the other the Nazi concentration camps that killed millions of their fellow Jews (and several of my ancestors) by working as aSonderkommando, and then Eric inherited those specific trait genes needed to perform that task. 

Can you find our Herr Zadeh Cantor in the crowd?

Go ahead, Google it on up…..

Be sure to visit the original “Cantor’s Tea Party Bakery” headquarters

Truth be told, I was somewhat hesitant for a while to post this, but that was until I saw this smarmy bastard gloating on T.V. about all of his hard work in pushing yet another attempt (33 at this point if you’re still counting) to kill off Obama’s health care act.  It’s really a great thing that there’s nothing more important for congress to spend approximately $25 Million of our tax dollars a week on.

Lips? I don’t need no stinking lips!

This raises a salient question;  If an atheist drop to his knees and prays for someone to develop a tumor, could such a prayer have a chance in hell of happening? Well, stay tuned and keep an eye on the side of his scrawny neck, time may tell.

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. 

P.S., check back for those darn updates and rewrites….

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111 More + You = 1/3 Of A Million Hits! (Update At Bottom)

As my religious friend (If I had one) might say, Holy Crap!

Very simple math indicates that at this moment in time 111 more views will take me up to 333,333 hits, and anytime after I write this your simple act of reading it, if you’re more than 1/3 of a person, may have now bumped me up to over a third of a million views since I began writing this blog in an attempt to get that bug out of my…. well let’s just say out of my system. 


 7 a.m., July 8, 2012

This event should take place sometime on the 9th of July for me, as I usually average about 100 to 15o hits a day unless I hit a nerve and it goes viral with over 1,100  hits, as it did on October 8, 2008 during the run up to the previous presidential election.

My busiest day? Ask the Florida and Texas vote shredders

And for each of you there in Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Singapore and yes, “Oh Canada”, don’t forget to vote early and vote often.

So I thank you all, unless those hits are all coming from one serious fan of my writing who travels the world a lot. In which case, I still thank you but feel a need to warn you that cyber-stalking (though warmly appreciated) could be illegal.

The Update:

Here are the countries that yesterdays views came from.

Here are the single viewers

Making it easy to see passing that Third of a Million mark!

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