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Thoughts On Father’s Day, On Father’s Day….

Having no children (that I know of, anyway) leaves me with a lot of time to kill today, so I got to thinking on this special day about those few things that my father left me. At some point I realized that each of them can be clearly described in a few short sentences, i.e.:

1. I have  ahead of me a genetically ordained lifetime involvement to spend time with both the thrill of Gout and its somewhat effective countermeasure I laughingly refer to as *Allpurinol*.

2. I also have a predisposition towards high blood pressure, the kind that shows up on occcasion as random spikes on a chart during a physical exam, but otherwise dares not speak its name, maybe that’s why they call it the silent killer. *Lisinopril* is the blood pressure treatment that works fairly well, after all I’m still here to write this.

And of course last but far from least gift that I’ve received from my father is that most special inheritance of all;

3. Lactose Intolerance. The main feature about this speed bump on the road of life is that for the rest of my days I know that I’ll have to avoid eating pizza at a party, unless said party is going to be held in a family size room in an ethnic restaurant. I’m sure you’re aware that in such places no one would notice one more random smell capable of burning the hair out of your nose.  Korean restaurants are about the best example I can think of for this, since the fermentation that is Kimchi produces more than a passing similarity to the aroma of flatulence.

On A Windy Day In Heaven

Or perhaps outdoors on a very windy day, if you get my drift.

*Meds Provided by my friends at the Veteran’s Hospital*

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame can not be so attributed.

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