Whores That Give Prostitutes A Bad Name

May 17, 2012 at 7:26 am Leave a comment

The kindest and most fitting name I could give to all of the scumbags who have sold out America and Americans in exchange for a little re-election funding would be “Whore”, but then I’d have to always be on watch for a pissed off revenge seeking streetwalker with a knife or gun that’s hidden in a place where the sun is not likely to shine.

“Can you give us an example?” you ask….

For one fresh from the news, there’s Republican Iowa Governor Terry Branstad who was quoted saying the following about President Obama: “He misled us. He basically lied to us. He promised he was going to be a unifier and he would work together across party lines. He’s done just the opposite”. 


Governor Braindead, receiving a “donation”

Did this pinhead moron really think that no one’s been listening to the marching orders coming from the Republican party leadership, and watching the actions (more correctly, inactions) of each and every Republican politician, all of them going out of their way to “make Obama a one term president”. They continue to this day to do this, and they try to accomplish this end by blocking any attempts made by Obama to get anything done, with no regard to what the effects will be on the future of the people of our country.

For a glimpse of an even more egregious plot by a group of (o.k., I’ll sugar coat this a bit) lying scumbag whores, Google for details on “California Proposition 29″ to see some of the misleading videos that the tobacco industry whores have produced in an attempt to confuse voters so as to block new taxes on their products, again with no regard to the effects on the health of the people of our country.


Recently unemployed, soon to be working on Sunset Blvd?

Someone needs to find and test a DNA sample from one of these weasels, because I believe somewhere in their genome there’s going to be found a short chain from what I choose to call a “Missing (Jerk-Off) link”.

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and quotes above (even my own) belong to that material’s creators. Credit is given when known, but because success has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame is not.

Feel free to ignore any ads that are shown below, I don’t choose them and I don’t make a penny off any of them.

P.S., check back for occasional updates and rewrites….

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