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Egypt Countdown Calendar, and a Prediction

O.K., now that Hosni Mubarak has been thrown under the bus, I suppose that it’s o.k. to launch your countdown calendar to see if Egypt will find itself under the thumb of the “Muslim Brotherhood” faster than Iraq had its local Islamic equivalent calling the shots (literally) shortly after Sadam began blowing dust farts. If you’ve forgotten, getting rid of Hussain was once believed by some to be the most important thing to create a lasting peace in the mid-east, save the western world, and to keep what’s left of the streets of Baghdad safe and quiet while the rest of Iraq made the leap into the 19th century. Well, can you see how far all of that went?

This is not material from the old “Soldier Of Fortune” magazine.

When you get down to it, you find that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Aryan Brotherhood may be birds of different feathers, but for all their bluster, they’re all just bird-brained bullys.

And as for this prediction of mine? My take is that we will see that U.S. and / or U.N. forces will be deployed in Egypt big time, and long before the end of the year, to make sure that the Suez Canal remains functional, i.e., not blown up, so vital products can continue to flow through it.

At work keeping that gate open, just in case….

By the way, has anyone done the research yet to see if Hosni, with a window of opportunity that spanned over 30 years, was able to stash more of his country’s money in those Swiss bank accounts of his than Yassar managed to? Hey, I’m just asking…..

I just read that the constant embarrassment known as Glenn “Boy Glee” Beck has taken a similar stance on the future takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Well o.k. Glenn, if we’re “strange bedfellows”, remember who’s the boss, bitch!

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Fast, Cheap, and Good?

During my first few decades in the so called “entertainment industry”, I noticed that there was a basic scheme of things that could be of some use to students of life, a scheme that applies across the board on any sort of project no matter what the field it was in, and that “rule” is:

Fast, cheap, and good…. Pick any two.

This can be represented as a triangle, with each point labeled to represent each of these three possibilities, and demonstrated by covering up one point at a time with your hand, leaving two remaining aspects to be considered.

As in life, in any project there are rules to be aware of. First, you have to understand that without regards to the endeavor, you can, picked at random, get two of the results from the three listed in the title of this post, but chances are good that you’ll be lucky to get even one.

And chances are fair that at some time you will walk away with none.

Here are a few generalities that may be used as guide lines to understanding this paradigm.

1. You picked fast and cheap? Chances are that the results won’t be very good as quality is many times the first victim of poor materials and under trained labor pushed beyond their experience level, which are likely victims of the budget considerations.

2. You chose fast and good? Get used to the idea that it’s going to cost you more to get high quality results in a hurry, cheap out and you’ll be lucky to get it done at all and really lucky if no one gets hurt.

3. Your option was cheap and good? Be aware that it’s likely going to take longer than you expected. And, often so much longer that if you’d have known in advance you may not have even started in the first place with the original plan.

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