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Verizon forgot the flowers, again!!!

The idea behind the subject line will be easily understood if you’ve either watched the  Al Pacino film “Dog Day Afternoon” or  had dealings with Verizon Wireless. If these don’t ring a bell, here’s a gentle hint for you:

BOHICA, it’s not just about the cel phone providers!

I have a way to describe the feelings I have when I go to Verizon to take care of issues I have with them, which is “time to grab my ankles, once again”. By the way, “grab my ankles” has no connection to “pull my finger”, but they’re both good as the basis for jokes.

Whenever I have to visit the ancestral home of “Gotcha”, my blood pressure jumps, and I get a feeling that as a result of my behavior in their office I may be spending some time as the husband or the wife in some prison cell.

Hmmm, no wedding ring….

Of course, that’s unless I’m able to keep my bile level under control and not go off on the smiling morons that make up the Verizon work force. I’m sure you know the office drones I’m talking about, the ones that give you a pleasant grin and then proceed to do nothing, or at least nothing that will help you, like your local phone or on-line tech support staff shown below.

Ummm, local if you live in India, Thailand or Viet-Nam.

Happy endings for you!

Because I’m self employed, I will often get calls for work with very short notice, and the common workplace consensus with my peers indicates that more so than any other provider, Verizon phones will actually work, so I’m less likely to miss a work call. This is the only reason I have stayed with Verizon for all these years. Oh yeah, and that’s also why I’ve put up with the horrendous learning curve that was presented by my Droid phone, more about that later.

My own version of Sophie’s choice…

Since I first saw one, I’ve wanted an iPhone, as from what I’ve seen (perhaps because they are an Apple product) they operate in a Mac-like way. This is the computer system I’ve been comfortable with since 1986 or so. However, they do come with two huge built in problems:

#1. Due to an very overloaded system, they just do not work too much of the time to be considered a viable option, and…

#2. I’d have to deal with AT&T once again, which in my personal experience was and probably still is as bad or worse than Verizon in customer care.

Wow, it’s strange to find myself using the words customer care in the same sentence with AT&T and Verizon.

But now the dynamic is starting to shift as other companies are beginning to get positive reviews for reliability, and they will provide a cost that would be far less than half of what I’m paying now. I can see a glimmer of hope at the end of this long dark tunnel that is hopefully not an approaching train. I’ll need some feedback from users of Boost, T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS, etc, etc.

Any comments on these would be appreciated.

Flashback 3 years ago!!!

My contract ends next October, so if this idea works I’ll give you a call, assuming that I’m not living in some prison making little rocks out of big ones for the state, as it seems likely that I’ll have to make another trip to Verizon before then.

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Opie’s Dilemma?

I watched the trailer for Ron (any relation to Moe?) Howard’s new film “The Dilemma”, and can you believe it, in just that short collection of clips an observant audience (i.e., you) will find that Ron’s father Rance and his brother Clint, even though they don’t show up on the poster, not only have parts in the film, they have speaking parts.

“Airbrush? What stinkin’ Airbrush?”

The rest of the trailer could lead you to believe that Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Queen Latifah are also in the movie, but have no fear,  not so much as to push pop and bro off the screen.

I suppose that if you’re a Kevin James or Vince Vaughn fan (as I am, same birthday) it might be worth watching this latest home movie from Mayberry, including those random parts that don’t have any of the family members on screen.

As an afterthought, doesn’t Ron have a daughter that works in the biz?

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Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin *

More accurate than the statement from  George W.

Still confused? I refer you to THIS

* The subject line? Sorta “The writing is on the wall”

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