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Time to sock it to someone, again?

It’s a strange to hear all of our conservative pundits sounding so shocked by Barack Obama’s nerve to spend a little time on a comedy channel show. Perhaps they didn’t know about or don’t remember that the very Republican Richard M. Nixon himself once made a comic appearance on the NBC show “Laugh In”, of course it was prior to being forced to resign his office in shame, much like his former vice president, Spiro T. Agnew did to avoid prison time.

The White President days, life was simpler then.

Even stranger how provident it is for the Republicans that an international bomb plot, one that was aimed at the USA and originated in Yemen, has been exposed for the world to see.

And what a grand gift it is, as it arrives just in time for the mid-term elections.

You know, it really is almost like a gift for them, I’d even go so far as to say it’s kind of like a shake it up “Reichstag snow globe” gift.

This is merely a coincidence I’m sure, nothing to look at here, just move along and vote for the party that knows how to take care of such issues.

“Sock it to me”, indeed.

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Meg Whitman blew a lot of money

After all, how much would it have cost her to just buy Diebold?

Remember, as Josef Stalin is reported to have said;

“It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

Or a least it was something like that since he was probably speaking Russian and with all those funny extra cyrillic letters they have, translations can get a little fuzzy, panamyish?

I don’t know if that company’s privately owned or a division of Karl Rove Industries, or if it’s possibly up for sale as the Republicans move along with their new Supreme Court sanctioned secret funding arrangements, but I think that as Meg has proved, when you’ve got enough money, you can set out to buy anything.

Well, apparently except for a personality, that is.

5 more days, plan on getting out and voting…..

October 29, 2010 at 1:29 am 1 comment

Oh, the horror!

And that’s “horror” with an “H” so you’ll know that I’m not talking about the Meg Whitman experience this time. At the screening for Jackass 3d, there was a preview for the upcoming release of a new iteration of “the-worst-film-ever”, yes, there’s going to be yet another Paranormal Activity video, the worst piece of crap I’ve ever paid to see (and walked out on).

Why, you may ask, would someone do this? Simple answer, because it cost so little to make and yet it brought in the big bucks that conventional film makers dream about.

You see, the way the business works is that if there are two films that are basically the same level of production value in release starting the same week that bring in 20 million dollars each, and one of them cost 5 million for everything to make it, as the producer you’re a certified hero. On the other hand, if you’re the producer of the other one and it cost 21 million to make and it brings in that same 20 Million, you’re a miserable loser and don’t deserve to live.

Well, except maybe in Culver City.

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So, who’s the Jackass now?

I saw the 2D version of  “Jackass 3D” a few days ago and really enjoyed it until the credits began, where I noticed that there was a shot of “Weeman” in a harness flipping over. It jogged a memory of the closing scene I viewed only a few minutes before, where he (and the others) were in a room that blew up and he went flying end over end through space.

Blows Up, Goes Boom, Maybe

So, this means they used some sort of a wire removal software program ala “Superman” to take the wires and flying harness out of the picture, in other words the action of the scene was faked. It was obvious to me that the slo-mo shots of the explosion were featuring big pieces of cork, often used in film explosion shots to represent flying rocks and concrete, with no actual danger to the actors that are there as long as they don’t get any of that stuck in their nose. Then, this afternoon I heard a report that said the very scary bee hive tetherball scene was not at all what we saw on screen, it was reported that all of the bees in the shot were added using Computer Generated Images, or CGI. No one was stung, except maybe the audience.

So, what’s one to believe? How much of the rest of it is phoney? Were the warped looking faces of those punched in the head in the “Rocky” series of shots actually distorted so much as was seen in the ultra slo-mo shots or, just digitally manipulated after the fact?

In the flying bungi jumping porta potty scene, where was the door’s POV camera mounted? If it was inside, the camera perspective of such a wide lens that would be needed to get all of that interior to fit in the shot just wouldn’t match what it looked like on screen, i.e., there was no pincushion or barrel effect, and I didn’t see it mounted on the outside of the door in the wide shots where it might be far enough to get all that interior.

I suppose that I’d need to watch this MTV release again, but I think I’ll pass.

Trivia! Did you know the “M” in MTV once meant “Music”?

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Game Over, go home if you have one

It’s more or less a done deal, now that the former United States of America has become a fully owned subsidiary of the International Corporate Overlords that control our destiny, the same ones that are using the republican party some simple tools they own to jerk us around in ways that would make George Orwell proud.

Tea-Baggers, A.K.A. Douche-Baggers

Thanks to their brilliant yet devious game plan, the juggling of laws regarding disclosure of exactly who (and yes, thanks to the supreme court, corporations can be considered “a who” instead of “a what”) is pushing enormous amounts of election time money through the pipelines to fund the final purge of any candidates that oppose their plans for total domination.

Thanks to the brothers Koch, I now have the basis for a new term that I’d like to share. You see, the ultimate Kochsuckers (go ahead, just google that to learn just how quickly a term can be adopted to cover a host of evil entities) can be found in any group that refers to itself (or in a variant on the supreme court judgement, himself or herself) in any way, shape, or form to be a “Chamber Of Commerce.

Previous eh…….”Sucker”

Chamber Of Commerce, ah the acronym for that offers one an even more polite alternative to using the term Kochsuckers, just spell it CoCsuckers instead. If you want to be a little kinder, you could call them a chamber of horrors, but then it’s likely you’d pronounce “horrors” like the word in a term that you would call a room full of Meg Whitmans. It’s going to be a few days with no sleep for me until I’m able to drive that image out of my memory.

The ultimate laugh will happen, should we live long enough to enjoy it, when the white collar sellouts that have given away the keys and title to the country to the really big time money folks will find the truth in an old adage; “Capitalist is a name for those who will sell a length of rope to  a group of  people who will then turn around and string them up with it”. These idiots will find themselves in a situation much like those grand poobahs of ancient Egypt, they who were living high, only to be buried alive with their overlord.

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California Governor’s Race Bumper Stickers

We’re down to just those last few weeks before the election of California’s next governor, and so far I’ve only seen a few car bumper stickers on the streets.

Here are a few of my favorite suggestions for possible campaign slogans:

For Jerry Brown:

“Bro’s before Ho’s!”

and for Meg Whitman:

“Your vote, what’s it going to cost?”


Meg’s personal investment in this election now stands at about $140 million, and you can be sure that this is an investment, not money that she’s just spending. The millionaires and billionaires that will save big time when she puts a stop to the capital gains taxes, will be the very same ones that in return will donate their $$$ to her 2012 presidential election bid, which will happen shortly after she pulls a Sarah Palin on us, and exits out of the governors office.  You have to be aware that she can’t stretch that mere $200 thousand a year salary very far, even when she’s doing all her shopping on eBay and auctioning of all of  Ahnold’s old governator memorabilia.

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