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Bump, Set, Spike

Spending some time near the beach while waiting for a work call (what did we do before cel phones?), an obvious volleyball analogy comes to mind…..

No,  not those bumps…

1. The Bump….. Stop the ball and bump it up to…..

2. The Set….. who will place the ball up to a good spot near the net for….

3. The Spike…..

The Bump, in the financial sense, is the depression that we here in the United States are deep into. Our “bump” hit hard, with little warning to those who don’t have their finances secured. Of course our politicos called it just a minor re-set of the financial world, nothing here to look at, move along……

The Set, is a chance to note the recession; jobs are very hard to come by, financing (home, car) loans about as prevalent as an honest politician, and yet we are urged to put our money into the banks for “safe keeping”. Put the cash into stocks again, the fire is over. Oh yeah, we’ve been “set”.

No corporate action here!

The Spike is represented by a full on depression. Try to find someone that doesn’t know of a friend or acquaintance that’s now out of work (unemployed or underemployed, as in asking “you want fries with that?”), or worse, one that’s taken to sleeping in their car. There are several people I used to work with  on national t.v. shows who are now in this situation. Or worse.

However, in the real world, a.k.a. “On the street”…

Years ago when I saw the film “Soylent Green”, I just couldn’t believe that there would ever come a time when people in America, other than random mental burn outs or drug addicts, would we would find “regular folks” sleeping in hallways. But now, that doesn’t seem nearly that bad considering how many blanket covered forms one sees daily nesting under the freeway overpasses, or out on the street.

Much of the media will say “move along, there’s nothing here to look at”, they will stay with that slogan until the day that they themselves are out looking for work and a place to live. If you can call that living, not just existing.

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Mort’s Mort

My uncle Morty died last week, the last of my parents siblings to go. As the youngest of all of my uncles, he was almost like my older brother, and my hero. Even though for some reason he thought Nixon was an o.k. guy, I guess I’ll have to forgive him (my uncle, not “Tricky Dick”) for that.

The usual screed starts soon.

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Carly, finish that sentence…

One of the great things about living in California, is the pre-election advertising.

As a new treat, one of these ads features a photo of our ex movie star governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, one that morphs into the queen of eBay bad feedback, Meg Whitman, but it’s not an improvement. And, we also have an old hippie chick running for a senate seat, paying for a big part of her campaign with money she received as a golden parachute.

Her ad goes “I’m Carly Fiorina and I ran Hewlett Packard”, however she neglects to include the three words that would make it a bit more correct.

Those three words (that preceded her being fired) are “Into the ground”.

She also talks about creating jobs, but omits the part that lists what the country was that she created jobs in, when she took her company “Off Shore”.

Here’s a hint for you, it isn’t the U.S.A.

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