I’ll Tell You Where You Can Park It!

April 16, 2010 at 7:17 pm 1 comment

Yet another day and one more parking ticket from some fat ass wanna-be cop who couldn’t take the time or make the effort to walk all the way around my car to get a look at  the display side of the meter and see that it was showing FAIL, with the coin slot jammed with a bent coin placebo.

CSI research lab?
A pig in pork heaven?

It’s not too hard for the meter cops to find their way back to their place at the trough, they only need to follow the trail of  bread crumbs that dropped from their chins  (“chins” is not a typo here), while on the way back  from their morning donut break.

I can’t recommend that anyone should do this since it’s not legal, but if people that were pissed off enough were to stop by some little hardware store and buy a spray can of paint and spritz a bit on the meter’s small window so it can’t be read from a car by some doughnut munching walking water bed driving by in his little Honda enforcement vehicle.  But if I was suggesting doing such a thing to someone, I’d have to add that mid tone grey makes a great choice as it is hard to see that it’s even there until you’re right on top of it.

The more militant ones out there might want to get hold of one of those             battery powered self defense taser sort of  hand held shocking device and press it against the metal housing of the meter, but again, as (history quiz here) that Cox sacker Richard M. Nixon said so often on his Watergate Tapes, “that would be wrong”.

The  +/- 50 thousand volts those sort of devices spark out with could whack some strong effect on the micro chip inside the meter that regulates the timer, not to mention the LCD display that might go black (and never go back).

Not that I would know about such methods.

Insult now added to (wallet) injury!

It’s been a week since the event described above, and I decided to pay the $55.00 fine using the online option listed on the back of the ticket, and in doing so I discover that there’s now a $2.00 “processing” fee to be added on. Since I’m the only carbon based life form involved in this payment “process”, why can’t they at least be honest and say “We’ve decided to bone you in the ass just one last time”? Or should I just be happy it’s not a $500.00 “processing” fee?

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In Fear of Charly’s return…… Happy “B” day to ms. queen “B”

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  • 1. lulumoretti  |  May 27, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Yikes. My heart is pounding. Could it be love? (that would be wrong)


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