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Not to press my luck, but…..

Someone in Purchase, New York has read this blog.

Someone who works high up at Pepsi-Cola.

Someone who can green light an idea.

Someone who’s reading this now?

Several months ago I wrote this and not too long after I found on sale at my nearby Food-For-Less,  the basic regular Pepsi (below),


and now it was in a not-so-colorful dark 2 liter bottle that wasn’t so easy to mistake for the Diet Pepsi / Wild Cherry Pepsi / Diet Cherry Pepsi / Pepsi Max /Pepsi Lime / Pepsi Jazz / Pepsi Gold  / Pepsi Whatever, especially when you’re in a hurry for something cold to drink and the cooler’s interior light at the 7-11 is defective and blinking.

Then, only a few months later, I wrote this and lo and behold, tonight in a commercial on TV I saw an ad for “Pepsi-Throwback”, and guess what, it’s made with real sugar.


Just what the doctor (a.k.a. me) ordered. Or at least requested.


Now that their ox (that ox would belong to the high fructose corn syrup industry) has been gored, here’s a hint if for some reason you can’t get the connection between the corn industry and a product known as “High Fructose Corn Syrup”.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll have to scan your way down that link’s page to get to the slurs against that ingredient from hell that we know as Sugar!

Mr. Pot (AKA: high fructose corn syrup), I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Kettle…….

So Mr. or Ms. Pepsi Person (is it you Frank Cooper?), when will I get my cases of product, and maybe a little of that oh-so-hot Pepsi-Promo stuff?


Or a little visit from the promo pusher?

The next request to pass along?

Get rid of those aluminum cans.

Why, you ask?

If you’ll do your due diligence research about aluminum * and Alzheimers now, perhaps you’ll be able to avoid a ton of law suits somewhere down the line.

*  “We should also consider the other studies that blame aluminum deposit/exposure to human environments ……….”  found on many sites including:  <;

p.s. coming soon:

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Another One Bites The Dust

I’ve owned and used computers of one sort or another, from a CPM Kaypro II:


(In its day, it was a fine computer in spite of being the dictionary definition of slow. Working on a 90 page film script and hitting “save” meant a 15 minute wait)

to a Mac G4 Powerbook:


This computer usage of mine has been going on since 1978, and in all that time I’ve usually done my own repairs when possible.

In the past month I’ve replaced the hard drive in two of my Powerbooks, there was nothing wrong with either of those original drives other than I needed more storage space for my work.

In all these years I’ve spent at a keyboard, I’ve had a hard drive failure occur exactly three times. Of these three failures, two were external firewire type drives, and the other was one of the above mentioned replacement drives, in use for less than two weeks.

Of these three drives that failed on me, all three of them were made or sold by the Western Digital company. I know that some might say that those figures indicate a rate of 100%, and there’s not much room for an argument there.

And how did I happen to have that third one that failed? When I bought it, it was a 160 gig drive that was on sale at Fry’s at a really great price, so my rush to get a bargain overpowered my common sense, and I failed to pay attention to the small print on the box. On later examination, I noticed that it showed a small logo (W.D.) So it was indeed a Western Digital product.

Now for reasons that are very obvious even to me (not a legal professional), I can’t say that Western Digital Hard Drives are prone to failure, at least I can’t say it out loud, but I can say for sure that my most recent WD drive will no longer be called my third WD drive, it’s going to be called my last one.

P.S.  Coming soon:  http://

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