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Pepsi, More (or less)….

With a little basic web research, I found this link:

Well, all I have to say is………

On the site, it’s explained that the “New and Reduced” bottles (and believe it or not, cans) of Pepsi products are the result of trying to use 20% less plastic, go green, save the environment, protect the future, etc….

So, it has nothing to do with protecting their profits or cutting their losses as Pepsi has to deal with the new economy that causes companies to pay more for the base elements used in producing their products.

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You gotta have heart….

In a most amazing revelation last week, doctors say that a health check up shows that Big Dick Cheney has a healthy heart. 

Me, I’m just amazed that they found a heart in that walking bag of crap.

Wonder who he ripped it off from?

Or perhaps that should be, who he ripped it out of?

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16.9 is the new 20…

I paid a visit to my friendly Payless grocery store this evening to pick up a 6 pack to refresh my pepsi stash, this is something I do every week or two.

Walking down the aisle to the regular spot where the small bottles in a plastic holder are usually kept, I noticed that they seemed farther down the line. 

But no, they were in the same place as always, they only seemed farther away because they were smaller!

Smaller as in 16.9 ounces instead of the usual 20 ounce plastic bottles, and about .25 cents more expensive.

So, I guess that the Bush voodoo economics model has hit home; provide less for more, but make it seem to be not so bad by using a little sleight of hand trick. Smoke and mirrors if you will.

I just hope that the same trickery isn’t being done at the gas pumps, that a gallon is still an actual gallon, not a quart on steroids.

I suppose I will now have to refer to Payless as Paymore, or maybe Getless.

Crap, it really started out to be a nice day.

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