How John McCain can McDo it…….

June 9, 2008 at 1:19 am 1 comment

…….. It’s not that I’m looking forward to Mr. John “Bush-lite” McCain getting in office, after all he was the bottom third out of three possibles that were in the running that I’d have voted for. But it’s so obvious of a scheme  that I think I’ll post it here and rely on the dating of this posting to prove it was my idea.

The following is the complete idea that John McCain should present as his own in his first debate with Barak Obama, if he can pull it off, he’ll walk away with the election.

John, you know there’s only one first place winner, anyone else is a loser.

Anyway, here it is:

My name is John McCain, and on my first day in office as your president I will use the power of my new presidency to do exactly what George W. Bush did, at least as far as his war policy. Much like George was able to re-direct the focus (both news and our weapons) away from Afghanistan mere months after 9-11, and move it for no real reason over to Iraq, I will move the cross hairs of our arsenal away from Iran, and set them on the elite of Saudi Arabia, where we can watch another regime change take place on t.v., from the comfort of our homes.

After moving anyone that’s part of the Saudi royal family off to live on a small island and fend for themselves, with none of their slaves to take care of them, we can watch the events on that island on a great reality show called “Poseur Island” as the inbred weasels kill each other over the last can of Camel lube.

Upon installing a new and Western friendly group to fill the vaccuum left by Saud and his thousand or so related princes, we will “recommend” that the oil industry be nationalized, and owned by the poor of that country, with the profits from the oil to be used to provide education and health care to their people.  

I don’t think that plan would work in the U.S., but for those folks who will greet us with flowers in their streets, more power to them.  

Next, we will have summary executions of any and all people found to have had a hand in manipulating the futures market on the stock exchange in any part, but especially the petroleum industry. And the lawyers that defend them as well.

That’s all it would take to have John McCain in the white house and heading for Mt. Rushmore in just a few months. Crap, as long as he was kept in a good supply of depends I’d even consider pinching my nose closed and voting for him.

Well, maybe.

Oh yeah, did I mention $1.65 cent a gallon gas to you? Check back in time to see what the price per gallon was before “W” was giving those reacharounds to his Saudi friends.

Notice who used his “left” hand?

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When the first words are lies…. Friday, June 20th at 10AM…..

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  • 1. Mephisto  |  July 1, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    You are later than I was. Although my idea is further-reaching. I would suggest to place all of those ‘intelligent world leaders’ in an arena. Or a lárge football-stadium, if you wish. And let them fight it over. Whomever wins, gets a ticket to the Bahama’s, or something. Seats are being sold to the highest bidder. (Whom will be executed afterwards, off course)

    Show will be on television, live.
    And war will be over.

    OK, sorry, that won’t help McDo into Presidency. But then again; he does not deserve to, other than to clean up the mess of GWB.

    ps. did you know your country is going banckrupt, thanks to Republican policy?
    Te best economic president in the last 40 years has been Bill. Clinton. Yes. Him. He made your country blossom again. Here in Europe we call that ‘right-wing’. Bush is so far right, he is becoming a sick, communistic kapitalist…


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