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Sites for sore eyes?

Got some time to kill?

Warning, you might will need to think a bit on some of these, especially xkcd and Jesus and Mo. I’m not responsible for damage to your computer by liquids blown out of your nose, so I’d advise you to not be drinking (especially milk, that dried up stink will stay for days) whilst viewing these.

So, in no particular order:

XKCD Comics   PFB Comics   Jesus and Mo

Ted Rall    Questionable Content

Dilbert   Nonsequitur   Get Fuzzy

Bloom County  Frank & Ernest

And of course:

Pearls Before Swine  &  Calvin And Hobbes

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With friends like the Saudi’s, who needs enemas?

…….too subtle?……..

This just in at 8pm in Los Angeles, January 14, 2008, following closely on the announcement of a few hours ago that the Bush white house (not to be confused with our White House) has given the go ahead to sell smart guided bombs to our friends in Saudi Arabia.

Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Matt Spetalnick RIYADH, Jan 15 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah hosts George W. Bush at his desert playground on Tuesday when the US president will get a taste of how the royals live in the world’s richest oil-producing monarchy.

I guess that our global village idiot:


… just wanted to see what he can look forward to, along with his 72 virgins, once he’s finished selling us out to China and the Saudi’s.



I believe that the definition of a true capitalist is being one who will sell you the rope you’ll hang him with (or something like that). Well, in that case Ol’ “W” has raised the bar quite high for anyone to outdo him as the leader of the capitalist world.


Translation from Arabic: Holding hands is o.k., but keep your tongue to yourself. N.B., Look at which hand the Arab leader uses to touch “W” and then do a little research on the use of the left hand in their world.

And sort of like old Rudoph (the reindeer, not Guiliani) from just last November, let’s not forget the most famous Saudi of all:


Dyslexia’s a bitch, huh? (think about that finger)……

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Thank you Dr. Frank Baxter, wherever you are!

A recent post on Scott Adams’ Dilbert blog has set off a ripple of memories from the true (for me anyway) golden age of television. In that posting, someone had mentioned not having enough ping pong balls or mousetraps in their reply to one of Scott’s posts. This was a subtle reference to an episode of a t.v. show that was called “The Bell Science Hour”, that ran in the very late 1950′s or early 1960′s. Those items mentioned were key props used to demonstrate in a simple way how atomic energy worked.

Fission, you know!

This was a weekly show in the early 60′s hosted by the aforementioned Dr. Baxter, and in my research for this I found that some of the episodes were directed by Frank Capra. The show was aimed at the brighter children who could ramp up their learning curve, to later become the intelligent and honest leaders of the 20th and 21st century.


Or not.

Anyway, this trip down memory lane also brought back memories of many happy hours watching Mr. Don Herbert, the on camera host of  a TV show called “Watch Mr. Wizard” which ran on NBC for 14 years.

You just knew that he knew things…..

What a great educational boost in science  interest these and other t.v. shows of the day gave to so many American kids who were destined to grow up and be great and honest leaders.


Or not, but I digress.

Sadly, Mr. Herbert  died of Cancer in 2007.

And Mr. Baxter died in 1982 of a heart attack.

The hosts of these shows were people that you knew at a glance that you could trust, like the very presence of Walter Cronkite.

My true heros…. they will all be alive as long as I’m breathing….

Coming soon:

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It’s going deep, deep into left field….

Imagine that there’s a political party with some, um……, let’s say previous “expertise” in gaming the voting procedures and electronic machines, that is they’ve developed ways of making strange things happen between the entry poll and the final voting results.


Now further imagine that someone in said party realizes that by setting up such a game in the primary of another party, the party of the first part (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) could manipulate the competition into voting in an unexpected straw dog that come real election time would be vulnerable to any number of dirty tricks. Perhaps they would do this in two different primary elections with two very different prospects to thereby create a small group of targets for later work and divide up votes that could go to, ummmm……..


……oh, let’s just say a much more worthy option.

Meanwhile, back in the trenches……

Now, imagine just for this exercise, a black guy and a white woman.

Imagination not working? O.K., try these ones.


I’m just saying, Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama might have the “honor” to be the first Democratic presidential candidate to have hoisted up on the big ballot by members of the Republican party.

This isn’t really such a new idea, as long ago I tried to drum up votes for one J. Danforth (Danny Boy) Quayle, Quayl, whatever that Hoosier village idiot’s name was. I was sure that if he somehow got on the ballot, even Republicans wouldn’t stoop so low as to vote for some goy, er… some guy who, if elected, would have required the government to purchase a short yellow version of Air Force One, if you get my drift.

Son_of_a_bitch if “W” didn’t prove me wrong!

Oh, what to do? Well, for starts……..


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Is it just my imagination….

…. Or did the designer of the poster for Rambo XXIII (or whatever the current iteration is) perhaps lift the idea for that design directly from the Shroud of Turin???


I’m not exactly saying that Stallone is as old as Jesus….

Well, in so many words…..not exactly!

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Stepping over that film dollar….

to pick up something that is shiny, like a dime.

The problem independent crew people must face daily in the film business is that most of the hiring decisions are made by people that should not be allowed to cross the street by themselves, much less jerk others around.


“Speaking of a producer picking…..” 

As a sound mixer, I’ve been asked by these bozos to take an hour long drive out to a place that’s not exactly the middle of nowhere (i.e., Lancaster /Palmdale), but has the same zip code, and then both mix and boom their P.O.S.* low budget film for them by myself (demonstrating that they don’t have a clue about getting good sound).

They want me to do this for $150.00 or less per day with equipment, which also shows they have no knowledge of what that pile of sound gear I own cost me, or what it would cost them to rent. Or more likely, they just really don’t even care.

These morons are for some reason allowed to call themselves “producers”, when in reality they would find it difficult to produce a shadow on a sunny day.

Sorry for the venting, I just got off the phone with another of these wonder kids who wants to change the way films are made, because he has a “vision”.

Between you and me, I think his vision is obscured by his lower intestines.

P.O.S. * = film term for “piece of shit”, a.k.a. “floater”. This is usually a film that will be seen by the producer and his family, and in spite of all the pre production “festival circuit” talk, no one else.

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Slammin’ the Doors? Hey, not me!

Quickly as you can grasshopper, give me the name of any song by any group without a singer named Jim Morrison in it that used any variant of the “Doors” as a name that made it into the top 10….

ah… wait a minute…..  O.K., not counting

that band from Escatawpa, Mississippi

who, if they still exist, might be called 3 Doors Down.

Funny play on words, since there are 3 doors still up.

Hey, you can make that even one song that got into even the top 100, that was made by what’s left of the of the group that was once called “The Doors”, so many years now after the death of James Douglas Morrison.

Jim Morrison

Make no mistake about this, I’m a hard core fan of the group, I bought the first and subsequent albums on vinyl, maybe 8 track (too many trips to recall for sure), cassette, CD, and now I hope finally on iTunes.

Funny “Light My Fire” story: I was on my way to meet with friends for pizza when the long (7+ minutes) cut of the song was played on the radio, on arrival at the restaurant I raved on and on about this psychedelic song I heard that ran forever. Disclosure, I may have been on an “Orange Sunshine” excursion, if you get my drift. Anyway, after leaving the restaurant, the group of us went to a mutual friend’s place and when the radio was turned on, so were we to find the DJ giving an introduction saying that a song from the Doors was just about to play. So we sat down and listened for 2 minutes and something and it was over. As was my credibility for staying real on psychedelics with that group.

Anyway, I saw the group perform on acid (take that either way, both are correct) in venues from a San Fernando Valley high school outdoor concert, to big arena shows. They are still my favorite group without equal. Well, except maybe for the Talking Heads (To me, David Byrne is Jim Morrison the writer / singer re-born).

© JOEL BRODSKYEven Doors use windows (© JOEL BRODSKY)

Supporters of Ray Manzarek and his keyboard, John Densmore playing drums, and Robby Krieger on guitar, say that Morrison wasn’t the “Doors”, and in spite of being the lead singer and songwriter, he was only one forth of the group.

Well, all I can say to that is c’mon baby light my farts!

the doors

O.K., is someone going to produce that body of work made by those remaining three quarters that I requested above?

Yup, a year’s 2 years have gone by and I’m still waiting……..


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End the lies……

Nuke Iowa!

And New Hampshire!

And not with a neutron bomb that would  save frozen tundra no one needs.

Or maybe find some other way to just get rid of the people that aren’t smart enough to move into the 21st century, yet keep telling America who they think the next president should be.

These would be a few good first steps to end the so called two party system that keeps alive the dream that many people have, that we in America really have a choice between  “The lesser of two evils weasels” (Actually, make that the lesser of two weasels that are fully  owned by mega-national corporations. And of course, China).

After all, that is our actual situation here in the land of the free and the home of the brave where we always elect war heroes to be our leaders.

fly boy bush

Well, don’t we?

For what it’s worth, George W. Bush did go to Viet Nam.

O.K., he waited about 40 years until the place was safe to go to, but he did go.

404  Cheney photo was not found, seems that he had more important things to do than stand in front of a camera.

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