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MoreOn MoveOn, and the MorOn’s who hate it.

In yesterdays (Sept. 21, 2007) L.A. Times, the following gem was written by that household name in politics, Tina Daunt. It was printed in the Calendar section, where all fans of government policy look to see what’s new and happening:

“Opposing the war is one thing, but becoming too shrill is something else entirely. That’s the lesson Hollywood took from Vietnam: You could oppose the war as a policy, but you couldn’t appear to oppose the troops charged with carrying the fight.”


O.K., I’m done puking now…..

Ms. Daunt, Thank you so much for speaking for all of Hollywood, and letting us know what it has learned. As I’m sure you know, we are so under-reported in respect to our beliefs here in tinsel town that it’s great to see them spelled out for the world to see.

“Oppose the troops charged with carrying the fight”?

MoveOn has not made in any way or in any form an insult to the actual fighting troops, the ones that will have to take the hit.

The last up close and personal contact with the enemy Gen. Dave saw took place more decades ago than the number of years that most of the dead and injured in this war were in the military.

Petraeus is far from carrying the fight, much less even seeing it. It seems that he’s been driving the war by remote control, much the same way Bush is moving him around on a tight leash, saying things in talking points.

Just because someone is in the military, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically grant them honor, or even less that you should trust them.

3 morons to go

In the photo above, Rummy was called the one with no courage, but it should be noted that both Bush and Cheney dodged the draft and avoided serving in Vietnam. I’m not all that sure about “Condi”, she’s the only one of the four I’d be worried about meeting in a dark alley at night.

Unless she was there professionally of course.

Here’s a great (but really scary) read:

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

It’s written by Naomi Wolf, and is perfect for an overview of what’s really happening now.

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How does one go about bitch slapping most of the senate?

Senate Votes to Condemn MoveOn for Ad Attacking General Petraeus

(actually, they only made an obscure reference to him as Gen. Betrayus, I did that here much more to the point first, a few weeks ago!)

FOX News – We pull it out of our ass, you decide if it stinks.

Here’s some of the crap they pulled out Thursday:

“AP WASHINGTON – The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a measure condemning for a newspaper ad it ran last week attacking Gen. David Petraeus. The move came as President Bush accused Democrats of cowering to the liberal political action group.”

“The measure passed in a 72-25 vote, with none of the Democratic presidential candidates supporting it. Sponsored by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, never one to shy away from forcing Democrats to go on record on politically sticky issues, the amendment to the defense authorization bill did win the backing of 23 Democrats.”


How could have these c-sucking weasels forgotten so quickly how most of them were either elected or re-elected into their office in the mid-terms?

Why on earth do they still feel any need to be loyal to that sinking Titanic that claims to be our president? If they noticed what’s been happening to the Bush staff of loyalists lately, they would want to be sure that they weren’t the last in line for the last lifeboat.

Think about playing an adult version of the kids game of “Musical Chairs” in the middle of the ocean, if you don’t get my drift.

Since when did Petraeus or any other lackey become above inspection? When you question an individual person, it in no way means you’re questioning the entire group he or she is from. There is no disrespect to the military in calling one of its leaders a lying sack of crap who must deliver what his commander in chimp requires. Shades of Nuremberg, after all he is only following his orders, corrupt though they might be to keep the bushwar going.haliburtonkids.jpg

MoveOn’s best next move would be to publish a list, maybe call it a “Hit List” if you will, of those knuckle draggers that voted in favor of this measure. Such a list would serve as a much deserved wake up call to a group that only has two items on their agenda:

1. Get elected

and then,

2. Get re-elected

These two items are of prime importance, nothing else matters no matter which ass they have to kiss, or what other acts they will perform to or near that part of the anatomy.

I truly believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Because of this, I will now be upping my donation $’s to MoveOn.Org

This is something I hope you will consider doing.


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Larry Craig Flip Flops Out Of The Stall

First I was guilty, now I’m not guilty, as for what I’ll say next, just ask me tomorrow will ya!

You served a lot of your life in public service and you’re hardly known outside of Iowa.

Then you try to suck one little dick in Minnesota, and suddenly you’re a pariah.

Sorry Larry, it’s not what you did or didn’t do, it’s your lack of ability to man up.

You now claim that you were forced into a confession because of pressure from a newspaper, and want to take back your guilty plea.

Does anyone in this country still believe that this alleged C-sucker can make a logical decision that might have to deal with the safety of Americans?

If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

Sadly, it’s in Minnesota.

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T.V. or s’not T.V., that’s the quandry

After working in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years, I thought that I had reached the point where I could figure out most of the back story on why things happen. Usually I just follow the money, it’s seldom been wrong.

Those days are, it seem, certainly over.

First, other than the fact that someone, somewhere, is making some serious big money off of it, why is the government (at the federal level) taking such a hard line on killing off non hi-def t.v.? It seems that in a year or two televisions that don’t have a built in or added on converter will not be able to receive programs over the air. Not every one chooses to pay for cable or satellite service, I watch so little on t.v. now that it would be pissing good money away.

Will seeing it in high definition make “The View” a show I could watch?

Not likely.

Rant, part II…..

Other than the market for very long form video products like “The Very Best Of…” or “……., Season #….” DVDs, what’s behind the big war that’s going on over the hype of one form of DVD vs another (non compatible) type? Blu-ray sounds like it might make an odd title for some early Ray Charles work, and HD DVD could be interesting to find spelled out in a bowl of alphabet soup, but why must we go through a modern version of the VHS / BETA wars again? Does anyone think that Joe SixPack can see the difference between either format or what we are using now? Better sound? Maybe your dog can hear the difference, but you never will. This is especially true after a few years of listening to your iPod with it cranked up to max.

Years ago in the music world, I bought The Doors first album on a vinyl disc, a cassette, and on a CD. Had it been released a few years earlier, I’d most likely have an 8-track version as well. As of today, I can still play the CD version, but sadly my last 33 1/3 – 45 – 78 rpm type of turn table, and my divorce gift to myself shelf top cassette player are nothing but memories now. Don’t even ask about that 8-track, which replaced my original 4-track.
In the same mode, must we now look forward to replacing our old VHS and DVD copies of films we liked over the years that will not work on our shiny new upgraded video gear, or keep an old-school player (hidden where company can’t see it) around to re-live the experience we don’t want to re-purchase?

I guess such gear could be stored in the garage next to my dad’s old Super-8 projector, just in front of my Kaypro II.

I’m sure I have some interesting memories tucked away on some of those old 5″ discs, made back when they really were “floppy”, but there’s no way to access them now. Unless maybe you have a CPM copy of WordStar sitting around somewhere.

Again, not likely.

Actually, N.F.W.

Your thoughts on these or any other subjects are always welcome.

Of course, that’s if I’m having a good day. It could happen…….

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