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Same sinking ship, new rat jumps off….

Tony Snow, the presidential spokesliar is the newest member of the “George Who?” club. He follows down that slime trail left by Rove, Gonzales, RumFilled, AssCrack, Snotty McClellan, the train wreck named Harriet Miers, et al.

Tony, I can only hope you’ll be somehow able to find medical insurance for yourself as someone who has a pre-existing condition. And by pre-existing condition, I mean your cancer problem, not the bad smell that all the former associates of that cancer on the nation in the White House have.

Just curious, is anyone else picturing Bush wandering in the halls at night in search of anyone that will just talk to him, other than the trapped first lady?

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Sen. Larry “I am so not gay” Craig , G-Idaho

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Craig denies being gay
Los Angeles Times - 1 hour ago
“I am not gay,” Sen. Larry Craig said twice during a 10-minute statement today following news that he had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct (after being arrested in an airport restroom near Minneapolis).
Craig’s counter: It’s the media’s fault The Carpetbagger Report
Straight as an arrow Wilmington Morning Star

Up to the last few days, he was known as Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, now I suppose he’s going to have to be listed as Sen. Larry Craig, G-Idaho.

Nearly famous (some say “fabulous”) conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt was yesterday said to be urging Craig to give up his seat , but it’s not clear if he was referring to the one in the airport restroom, or his political office.

Larry is, by the way, not gay, only curious. His boyfriend “backs him up” on this matter in an interview to be released to the media later today.

On a possibly related note, it was announced today that Idaho has won the right to be the official convention site for the National Association of Closet Door Manufacturers.

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I have some good / bad / worse news for you!

The good news?

You will not be going to serve in Iraq.

The bad?

You’ve been assigned to duty as a motorcycle officer in the next Bush motorcade.

The worse news?

You and your motorcycle are going to Iraq, and Condoleezza Rice will be riding on the back as you shuttle her around on her next mission seeking peace in a place that has never seen it before!

Going to need new underwear?

I’d be looking into Kevlar with a Depends liner.

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Adios, el Presidente

Hey, make that Adios, el Pendejo Presidente!!!

Well, another rat has jumped off the good ship Booosh.

Alberto Gusano, er… sorry, make that Gonzales, has joined the previous inner reich that have left the gang to spend more time with their families, or more likely, with their legal advisers.

Hey Condi, getting a little lonely now are we?

It’s looking more and more like that song kids learned in school long ago, way before it was politically incorrect; sing along if you can remember the words:

10 little, 9 little, 8 little indians…………..

……and then there was one little idiot boy.

Get the tar and feathers ready….

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Apple before ATT? It’s more than an alphabet issue

Did Steve slip ATT a hot hard one?

All the news feature articles about how people are finding and publishing ways their Apple phones can be used on other phone service providers systems are, IMHO, overlooking one possible view.

What if Steve Jobs had this in the works from the beginning? Perhaps he used ATT like a tool to get a rapid jump in the crowded phone field for his version of the Crackberry?

Imagine this: Apple hits up ATT with a great offer, push our phone in all of your advertising, and we’ll give you the exclusive run with it. ATT being the greed whore that it is, bites hard.

Meanwhile, Apple has designed in a back door that would allow (after a certain amount of time) someone who could, for instance, be given the code to bypass the locking system, to make it into a world phone.

No one has asked how some 17 year old hacker got two iPhones to play around with to do his R+D, does his home financial picture allow for this?

Well, more power to him anyway, I kicked ATT to the curb as my cellular provider years ago, and now I’ve done the same with my home long distance. This has resulted in a nice chunk of change in savings on both of my phone bills.

Maybe it’s time to put an iPhone on my “need to take another look at” list……

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Friends, Republicans, Countrymen (and women)…….

If you know me, you’re really not going to believe this!!

There is now a valid reason on the table for me to vote for a republican candidate. This is, for what (in my so-so memory) will be the first time in my life, that I could even get close to picking someone from the dark side.

Yesterday, I had a short job doing the sound recording of an interview with a Republican presidential hopeful, the former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

So, was it merely my being in the same room that made me consider breaking my own record of never putting my stamp on the party of the elephant?

Ummm, no. In the past, I’ve been in the same room with Bush the (somewhat) wiser and Bush the (complete) idiot, and never had a thought in that direction.

What it was, was, that after taking a photo of him, and then one with him, I handed him my camera and asked him if he would take a photo of me.

This was for bragging rights.

That is, if somehow he were to be elected, I could show that picture and say “This photo of me was taken by the President Of The United States“.

So, that’s how Rudy got his red nose… Oops, I mean, my vote.

Just for the record Mr. Giuliani, don’t give up your day job just yet. Rudy (Look! We’re on a first name basis) had said while framing up the shot, that photography was a hobby of his.

Let’s just say that after looking at that photo he took, and taking into consideration that since it was a point and shoot type camera, composition was his only choice, it might not be a good career move.

Keeping it a hobby might not be a bad idea.

For the record (part II)…. He’s actually a very personable guy, and a bit taller than you might think from the press photos.

I could have a catch with him (that’s a baseball term, not a personals ad for a threeway).

By the way, don’t bother looking around for that snapshot of me.

I could show it to you, but then I’d have to kill you (if you didn’t die laughing first).

Peace out…..

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Exactly who do you scream to? Or at?

Greetings, Sheeple of Earth. Does that ring in your nose bother you?

Here we go again (to borrow a line from Ronnie Raygun, or whoever his “Rove” was), led by our noses straight down the path to a brand new version of the Cold War.

The ‘net news today has several stories about how Russia has resumed the long-range flights of their nuke grade strategic bombers, for the first time since 1992 or so.

Senor Chavez in Venezuela recently began the process to remove term limits on his office, but Bush and Putin have chosen to use a bit more discrete method to keep their asses in the seat, by revving up the people. Sort of reminds me of the film “Starship Troopers”, where you have a constant barrage of news plants like this to keep the natives in terror. Scare them enough and they’ll follow you anywhere and ask no questions, as that might seem to constitute treason.

So what do we, The Sheeple, do? Who do we scream to, or at?

Can we draw from the experience of the Jews of pre-war Germany? At least now the trains will most likely be air conditioned, even if they don’t run on time.

More to be added soon.

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Dogbert says….

I often post a comment on the “Dilbert” blog, mostly because Scott Adams is great at getting the monkeys that read it to dance in a pattern of his own making. I’m no exception to that monkey process, I just don’t dance so well.

His daily, and sometimes multiple daily posts are usually thought provoking, and a good source of material that may make you think in different tangents, even when you are sure that you already have the inside line on what the truth of a given topic is.

Today’s post is no exception, I recommend it.

Here are a few other recommendations, good for those times that you have several hours to kill.

On xkcd, I suggest using the “random” button, but feel free to take your own cues on this dance, my monkeys.

…I’m sorry, did I say hours to kill? These could involve days, depending on your reading comprehension, and of course, how long it takes to wipe the spittle off your computer’s screen.

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News update

Just hot off the press, er.. make that fresh off the ‘net!

Another rat announces that he’s about to jump off the sinking ship of state.

The living Pillsbury dough boy, that walking waterbed known as Karl Rove, has announced that he’s leaving his un-elected office soon. Is this because he’s been outed?

Or maybe because he needs to spend some more time with his family? Or with his lawyer?

Here’s an advance question for his eventual (couldn’t be a day too soon for me) funeral:
Will he be buried face down so his friends will recognize him?

Added material early 8-15-07: Showing that Turdblossom will always be his butt boy, good ol’ W had this outpouring of emotion (thanks to

Bush, before heading with his friend of 34 years to start a two-week Texas vacation, said, “We’re still going to be friends … I’ll be on the road behind you here in a little bit.”

“On the road behind you” indeed.

Would that friend be on the Hershey Highway by chance?

Is Karl going to reacharound behind himself from now on?

All these questions and more to be dealt with in the near future.

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Bourne To Lose……

Warning, this contains spoiler material (words that are in bold print like this below) about an over hyped feature film now in release.

I saw the much anticipated “Bourne Ultimatum today, and was somewhat less than enthralled after months of waiting. It’s actually worth the price of admission (especially if you can catch it at a matinee performance), and full of cool stuff, but it has a lot of… well for lack of a better term, unreal situations. This includes the overuse of phrases like: “People, we have a situation here”, “Surround the (fill in the blank) and lock down (fill in the blank) blocks around it”, and then dozens of CIA guys show up in minutes through afternoon traffic to surround a building, just cliche after cliche. And in perhaps an attempt to honor NYPD Blue, the shakiest camera work this side of “Breaking The Waves”, they should give a packet of Dramamine along with the admission ticket.

I read an interview with the stunt controller, wherein he said that many of the shots were done by stunt performers who were not afraid to make jumps and slides holding a camera. Great story material, but I think you really need a camera operator when you’re covering principal actors in close-up, as we see in the opening scenes. Spaz cam just gives me a headache. This is only a little ahead of the leaping from city to city, continent to continent in moments, it plays a lot like a travelogue shot by Helen Keller.

Working on films, it’s really difficult for me to just watch and enjoy the story when technical issues destroy the surrender of disbelief needed to let go and be “in” the film, not in the audience watching it. I remember “The Abyss” as a great visual work, but because of the underwater ship breakup, all I could do was sit there and think “I’m really glad I didn’t have to work on this”. I hate water tank shots, especially when floods come flushing through so quickly.

Spoilers ahead, exercise caution if you haven’t seen the film.

Not exactly a spoiler, but in a close up on some paperwork we see that Bourne is Catholic. Perhaps this is to set up the next sequel, “Bourne Again, this time it’s personal”?

And then, there’s the total bullshit of the first assassin (in the film they’re called “assets”) being somehow able to get to a high and hidden vantage point, to shoot someone that is in a last minute randomly selected store in a mall. How did he know this place existed? How did he know which way the guy would come out, what with not having any advance knowledge of the place?

And how does Jason (nee David) keep pulling passports and money out of his ass without hurting himself? He’s on the run with just one overshoulder bag, barely big enough for a change of clothes.

O.K., more to follow as I continue to digest the experience (and the popcorn), you’ll see the results here, I don’t think you’ll want to see the popcorn.


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